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What Becomes Of Family And Relatives Of Criminals Whose Crime Become Public?

 had never really given much thought to what happens to families and friends of people who go viral for one scandalous wrong reason or the other be it fraud, nudes, violent crimes etc.

Until recently when I was passing an area and my friend who I had gone to visit pointed to a house and told me of how the owner's son was involved in the act of kidnapping.
And then it hit me, the lives of their families will never remain the same. They would forever live with the stigma and shame of what their relative had done.
For me, once I close tab,minimise browser. E don finish but for others, O o o.

Take for example the case of the 4 young ritualist wannabe yahoo boys in ogun state. How would the people of the area relate with their parents, brothers sisters etc?
OR The proprietor who killed Little Hanifa in Kano? (I even heard his parents ran away)
OR The human eating cannibal in zamfara who has 19 children. What becomes of them? How would you grow up knowing your father was a cannibal?
Is society tolerant of such people despite their innocence?
I even asked a friend if he could marry a girl whose dad was a cannibal despite ticking all his boxes. His reply was an emphatic NO.

For the benefit of all for all, anyone with first hand experience of what life was like for the relatives of any of these criminals that others only get to read about in the news should please share.
Please share so people may know that the principle of "collective responsibility" is not dead and be guided accordingly. One person may commit the crime but a lot of people would pay for it in one way or the other.

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