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The New Scam At Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos By Patrick Nwafor

Nigerian Twitter user Patrick @patricknwaforr has shared his bitter experience at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.


I was at the airport recently and for the fact that I had not set foot since COVID19 started, I headed to the normal "Departure" U-Turn first to ask for proper directions.

I politely asked an FRSC official for the way to "Arrivals". 

I even explained in details that I wanted to pick someone and he directed me to where used to be "New Arrival Park" before.

On getting there I noticed it was a bit dark but cars were parked. 

As normal Naija now, I felt "NEPA" just did their thing as usual.

I drove past a gate that was opened and some Mechanic-looking guys were on the side fixing a damaged car.


Then I met another official ahead who politely told me the "New Arrival" was no longer functional and I should turn back.

I simply obliged.

On my way back, I noticed the gate I had jst passed was now closed & these Mechanic guys jumped out and asked that I come down


As a calm guy, I explained that it was a wrong direction from an FRSC official and his colleague had corrected me.

These guys clamped my tyres & started driving their tow truck to the front of my car.

This happened within 30 seconds I swear!

Man: "Na 50k if we tow the car"

Me: But there was no sign now, how will people know it's one-way?

2nd Tow guy: Oga let us go to our office

I was just sad at the point I realized the argument wasn't going to yield anything, as they were bent on either deflating my tyre or towing my car to God knows where.

My sister was arriving in 10 minutes!��‍♂️��‍♂️

So I let them drive the car. 

Abi it's money you want to collect, no wahala.

We drove past the toll gate and took the road down past @ExecuJetAvGrp 

This was at about 7:50pm

On getting there, they asked that I pay NGN10,500.

I paid.

While the whole transaction was going on, I saw about 12 other innocent people like me.

I mean, 

There are no signs or warnings indicating one-way or any restriction!

Just some guys putting on Blue workshop gear hanging around.

Then I realized it was a JOINT SCAM by @FRSCNigeria officials and these boys that claim to work for @FAAN_Official !!!!

First, they mislead you 
Then, they guide you
Then, these boys catch you before you can even say JACK!

The airport (At Night) looks like a warzone under construction fam!

No lights!
No signs!
Roadblocks and long tags everywhere!
Uneducated personnels everywhere!

I'm pained because this is ILLEGAL and UNFAIR!
Especially to people that have no clue about the new airport design.

From my findings, most victims had visitors arriving almost at the same time they caught them!

So it was more like an emotional blackmail.

You'll pay anything just to avoid any delay or weird experience for people coming into the country at a time like this.

The IJGB's have already been through:
-Naija heat
-Smelly airport halls
-Annoying customs officials
-"No trolley" situation

The list goes on and on.

Well, this thread is for anyone heading to the airport anytime soon.

Just head to the parking lot and walk around if you have to.

On the other hand, @FAAN_Official Please enlighten me:
- Why are there not enough signs while construction is on??
- Who are these people in Blue Workshop Gear operating under your nose? Do they work for you?

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