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See What Desmond Eliot Got After Hate Speech Statement ln National Assembly

See the reaction Desmond Elliot got after making a hate speech about social media in the National Assembly.

Following his call on Social Media Influencers and Motivational Speakers to stop the hate and help shape our country for better,

I feel obliged to say this;Desmond dropped­čĺ»% raw truth. Everything he said: From preaching of hate to misuse of the Social Media, our eroding culture & lack of value system to abuse of elders by younger people; and from his call on influencers to need to use our PVCs.Here's what Desmond said, exactly how he said it..."Mr Speaker,"We need to address certain things:

The Nigerian Youths, the Social Media, Social Influencers; all these are making the narratives that we are seeing today. Except we are joking with ourselves."Social Media, yes, they are all good, has its negative impact."Let me first thank you for condemning the wanton killings and carnage that happened at Lekki."When I went through the comments, I could not believe it, Mr speaker; the curses, the abuses from children."And I ask myself;"Is this Nigeria?

What is going on? Children cursing? People having the efrontery to enter the Oba's Palace? Hold his Staff of Office? Culture is gone!"Mr Speaker, in the next five years, there will be no Nigeria, if we don't start now."The youth is not only those who do the peaceful protest. Those who have looted; who have destroyed lives.

They are youths as well."Mr Speaker, pregnant women went into malls; picked things and went away."When shall we change this narrative?"I put it to all celebrities out there; all the motivational speakers"This is the only country we have, they wealthy will go when it happens; what is our common saying, "we die here"!"Please celebrities! Please Social Media Influencers! Stop the hatred already!"You have a means, constitutionally, to change government; it's called your PVC"Go to the Elections.

If you are tired, come and enter Government; People are dying!"The narrative must change..."Government, Mr Speaker, this is my prayer"From the National Assembly, we must decentralize the Federal Government; regions must start to operate!"It's obvious the States are on their own; regions should start operating."The narrative should start from here... I so submit!"... that's all!Do you read anywhere he made a wrong statement? A falsehood or a denigrating remark?We left all the truth in this very revealing speech and focused on where he said

"Children cursing" referring to young people abusing their elders.Is it not childish to abuse and insult your elders on Social Media?

Or is it now right for Children to curse and insult their elders?In this same speech, Desmond showed huge respect for Celebrities and Social Media Influencers.

He used "please" to plead that we change the narrative because Nigeria is the onlycountry we have.

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