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Refer People Where To Advertise And Get Paid Daily

Ads4naira has not stop putting smile on the faces of people, the good news that has got everyone talking and smilling is that one can actually make money by refering your friends, colleagues,family members to advertise their product and servies and get paid by Ads4naira.

How Does This Work? When you refer someone to advertise with Ads4naira you will Earn 20% Sharing. This 20% sharing is the thank you credit alert you get from Ads4naira for telling your someone ro advertise in with Ads4naira.

We all know that when you advertise online, you dont get paid but Ads4naira pays you for advertising with them.

What is Ads4naira Gaining? What Ads4naira gains for you to refer a friend is that they share 40% discount with you as a referal. Interesting.

What are the plans ? 1. Web presence + Website Ads = N60,500 for 30 days *Regular* N39,900 *Premium* N19,990

2. Programmatic Advertising = N365,000 30days N175,400 14days N90,000 7days N49,900 3days

3. Classified Ads = N200950 30days N87,000 14days + 14days free N45,000 14days + 7days free N23,000 7 days + 14days free

4.Facebook Ads = N89,000 30days N32,000 14days N21,600 7days

5. Instagram Ads = N53,000 30days N34,000 14days N17,500 7days N9,600 3days

6. Website Ads + National Radio = N270,000 30days N120,000 14days N45,000 7days N17,000 3days N12,000 2 day

7.Database Bulk SMS marketing = N78,000 for 30days *Regular* N42,000 *Premium* N28,000

8. Email marketing = N120,000 *Regular* N150,000 *Premium* N70,000.

9. Television (Vsat Uplink ) = 3 million Naira *Regular* 2.7m *Premium* N2.2m

10. National Television *Regular* N478,000 *Premium* N260,000

11. Whatsapp Status & Marketing 30days = 33,000 14 days = 19,000 7days = 7,500

12. Google Ads & Youtube Video Ads. 30days = 88,000 14days = 52,000 7days = 35,600

13. Opera Ads 30days = N150,000 14 days = N56,000 7days = N28,000

14. Microsoft Ads - 65K Snapchat Ads - 90KK
15. Bloggers Post Pr 20 blog Pr - 120k 75 blog Pr - 1M

16. Mindshare Promotion. 30days - 45,000 14days - 36,000

17. SEM, SEO SMO Onetime - 260,000 Regular - 50,000

18. To Hire A Digital Plug For Widespreading And A Digital Marketer Monthly - 85,000 Yearly - 650,000

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