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Tragedy Struck In Onitsha As Landlord's Son Attacked And Stabbed Tenant To Death Over Broom

There was pandemonium today in Onitsha after a man in his mid-age known as Eluemuno Babangida was apprehended by the police for allegedly stabbing to death a trader who sold wares at Onitsha main market in his residence at No. 9 Agba Street, Inland Town, Onitsha, Anambra as being reported by Vanguard. The victim of the unfortunate and sad incident has been identified as a young boy known as Arinze Omeh of Enugwu-Ezike community in Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu who died after a disagreement eschewed between before he was allegedly stabbed to death. While giving his side of the story, brother to the late Arinze, Oluchukwu Omeh told journalists that fight eschewed after son to the owner of the building where Azinze was staying before his death, warmed him to stop using broom meant for inside the room to be sweeping outside. He continued that the fateful day; he returned home with the late Arinze, his brother, from the market in Onitsha where he sold wares. While in the compound relaxing and discussing issues as it pertained our family, when Babangida came out of their room to warn his late brother not to use the broom intended for inside to sweep the outside. Arinze immediately reacted to the warning by Babangida, and told him, he had heard him that he also sounded same warning earlier in the morning, lo-and-behold Babangida jumped at Arinze and grabbed him. However, in the attempt to get my brother off the clutches of Babangida, he broke a bottle and stabbed Arinze on his left wrist. While Arinze was trying to control the blood his is an attempt to rescue from the clutches Arinze Babangida that he used a broken bottle and stabbed him in the left wrist and while he was still trying to control the blood, Babangida again tried to prevent him from entering a tricycle by wielding a knife. Oluchukwu added that the suspect attitude angered his late brother, whose response was to rush at him and landed on him a heavy blow.  More so, the deceased brother immediately looked for a tricycle which was used to convey his late brother to the General Hospital, but he was rejected on the grounds of suspecting to develop complications during a treatment. Finally, while Confirming the incident, the Public Relations Officer of Anambra State, confirmed the unfortunate incident, and said the culprit has been taken into the police custody, and investigation into the case has started.

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