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Obaseki gets new chance to win Edo people back as tragedy strikes

One thing making waves in the mind of many people including myself, is that Governor of Edo state in person of Mr Godwin Obaseki might be heading for political perdition ever since a war structured fight began between the southern Governor and his political Godfather  It is known that this was what led the incumbent Governor towards dumping his own political party, and pursuing his keen interest under another party although his chances there are also very slim. However, this morning the governor got a chance to prove to the Good people of Edo state, that he is worthy of the second term ticket he is vying for although in a tragedic form. This morning serious fire ravaged the popular Oba market in Benin city the commercial capital of Edo state causing more than three quarter of the market to be burnt to ashes , the fire started from around 12:05 in the middle of the night andasted till about 7:15 am in the morning. See photos of the burnt market below     What concerns fire with elections? I know you must have been asking this question and here's the answer : If Governor Godwin sees this market fire as an opportunity and, decides to give cash and many other relief materials to the victims of the fire. The people of the state will have more trust and thus believe in his love for the masses and this will make the victims and their families to vote for him and many other people around them whom will benefit from this gesture. Many other Edo people not living in the state will also be swayed by the Governor's kind gesture and bury their hatchet and vote him back into office. However if he decides to look away from the inferno, then his already many political enemies will increase, as victims of such disaster will never be willing to vote him into office and such will be the case with many other people. These means the ball is in the Governor's court and he may choose whichever way he thinks will suit him but I believe the first option is the best or what do you think. Let's know in the comment section and please don't forget to share and like.

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