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Edo Politicians Are Very Sharp See What They Did To Obaseki Again.

The Governor joined the opposition party, PDP, after having a series of meetings with different powerful stakeholders of the party. As a keen observer of Edo State politics, I believed the negotiation between the Governor and the leadership of PDP must have been fruitful as regards giving him party ticket to contest in the next election with PDP as a platform. According to current events in Edo State Politics, the Peoples Democratic Party (P.D.P) had failed to convince other aspirants to step down for the Governor. Gideon Ikhine, Ogbeide-Ihama, and Kenneth Imasuagbon were given the go-ahead by the party to participate in the forthcoming primary election.  The three candidates have been under immense pressure from different quarters to step down for the Governor, but they've refused to yield. The politicians are smart and are exploiting the situation on the ground to the full level.  Politics is a game, you must play it from the point of strength. It will take a lot of persuasion and a juicy package for these candidates to step down. Governor Godwin Obaseki, being a new member of the party cannot afford to go into a primary election against strong candidates, except magic is performed, the winner of the election is going to come from a known base in PDP. With the politicians playing smart in political chess, it shows how sensitive an average politician is to opportunity around him. A politician is ready to exploit to the maximum, that is the description of the political chess going on in Peoples Democratic Party, Edo State.

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