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The Clash Between Police And Army In Delta Revealed

The crust was summoned to emit heat of pandemonium in Delta State on the 30th of April when a soldier lost his life to a police men at Bomadi town. The policemen who were enforcing the dusk to dawn curfew implemented by the state government as a means to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the state, along Army at a hotel in Bomadi incepted rays of fear to the residents of Bomadi after the awful incident.  It was reported that a policeman sustained gunshot injury during the clash which occurred in the middle of the night, at a leisure centre not far from the military unit along NDDC road, Bomadi.  However, a police officer claimed that the policemen with the name, Operatives of the Eagle Net Formation while implementing the dusk to dawn curfew in the state, met some individuals at a merry spot around 1am and demanded to know the reason why they are still outside at such time. The policeman (who refused to disclose his identity) said, "Though we are yet to ascertain if the soldiers identified themselves, angered by the action of the policemen, who insisted on dispersing those at the spot, the soldiers insisted that the policemen did not have the right to question those hanging out close to their unit.  "This led to an argument with one of the soldiers retrieving his rifle from the shelter nearby and shot one of the policemen identified as Sergeant Chukwudi Osuali in the stomach. Angered by the action of the soldier, a colleague of the shot policeman immediately opened fire on the soldier in retaliation and killed him on the spot." However, information from an indigene who live near the scene and also pleaded anonymity said Sars police patrol van came to a residential hotel premises of JTF officers, he noted that the JTF officers were not in uniform while drinking outside the hotel when the policemen came in and started interrogating the JTF officers the reason for being outside late in the night. The indigene further disclosed that policemen demanded formal means of identity (ID cards) from the JTF officers after the soldiers had identified themselves but refused to show their ID cards. He said, "Trouble ensued when the police officers insisted on seeing their ID cards after the military officers identified themselves, but refused to show their ID cards."  The military officers became infuriated when the police officers insisted on taking them to the station, leading to exchange of  blows and a police officer shot one of the military officers and fled. " The awful event however amplified tension in Bomadi and its environment when information about the soldier's death reached nearby business centres and shops as owners closed for fear of impending chaos.  However, it was gathered that the Commander, Sector 1,Operation, Delta state, Col. Habib Manu, have moved to the incident location to quench the flame of fear on residents and claimed that army high command would initiate further findings in order to know the bone of contention behind the matter.  Furthermore, police PRO in Delta State, DSP, Onome Onovwapoyeka noted that a police officer was shot during the incident. Speaking further, she said, "As it is now, it is too early to comment on the matter. More so, Delta State Commissioner of Police has met with the army head in the state to unravel the mystery behind the incident and there is going to be a joint investigation into  the matter. "

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