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Nigerians ready to resume movements Despite Lockdown Nextweek

Nigerians ready to resume shallow movements Despite Lockdown 

It is quite unfortunate to see how increasingly the deadly virus known as covid-19 is affecting lives each day despite certain measures being put in place, coronavirus which has since plagued the entire world since it began in Wuhan, China. The virus has terrorized economy, killed many, and rendered lots in disastrous point.

The virus has now been dominant in Nigeria, spreading fast like wildfire each day, though recovery rate isn't bad. The president of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari had imposed lockdown throughout the entire nation, forcing many to stay at home, all businesses shut, market places shut too, and churches closed, these took an approximately 3 weeks to one month for the majority of the states as they observed the imposed lockdown while adhering respiratory hygiene as instructed by the government.

With such measures taken place, coupled with inter state ban, the curve in the rate at which it spread was quite normal, it was then ordered by Muhammad Buhari to ease the lockdown from the 4th of May 2020 which had started taken place as many took to the streets, workplace and resumed, though curfew was enacted throughout the state from 8pm to 6am.

This act hasn't done good in curbing the spread of the virus, it is known that for the past 6 to 8 days, a massive increase in the number of cases recorded have really sprung high, while the northern states looks like they are home to the virus, it's really alarming, public figures, celebrities and some politicians are right now forcing the government to go on another lockdown, this is not impossible, in fact one should brace for a very strict lockdown from next week, the government will try to ensure it does not spike up to 5,000 cases, which if a strict lockdown isn't imposed, Nigeria might likely see the case increase up to 5,000 cases in less than two weeks due to rate at which it increases.

Let's hope for a safe and better Nigeria

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