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Family Returns #390m Cash Found On Road During Lockdown

 390m cash found on the road Was returned by a good Family During Lockdown The news I'm about to share is really a credit to the character and the fiber of the family, "Moser said. "It would be difficult to make that decision, I 'm sure. It's nearly $ 1 million in cash. Yet they've done the right thing.  The rare cash finding was made last weekend when the Schantz family was only trying to get out of the coronavirus blues by taking a long drive. A car in front of the Schantz family had gotten out of the way of what seemed to be a large bag of garbage, Maj. Scott Moser of the Caroline County Sheriff's Department told CNN.  The Schantz family, however, had no time to do the same thing.  "Then they ran over the container. Instead of leaving the trash in the lane, they stopped, picked it up, and put it in the back of the truck, "Moser said. They saw another bag in the ditch nearby, and they picked it up, too. When they returned home later that night, they were going to throw away the garbage from both containers.  "It appeared to be mail when they did. Then they went on further investigation and it seemed to be cash, "Moser said. The Schantz family went to church with one of the sheriffs of the county. He asked his family to call the office.  "We went out there and decided that it was, in fact, cash. It was in two bags and the total amount was close to $1 million, "Moser said.  There were smaller ones in the two larger bags, each containing some information as to where the money was to be deposited. “There were plastic bags inside the envelope, and they were addressed with something that said 'money safe'," said Emily Schantz to CNN's WTVR affiliate.  The Sheriff's Department carried out its own investigation before turning it over to the United States Postal Service, which is also looking into the matter.  "Who it really belonged to, where it was going," Moser said. "We didn't release any of that." Please what is your thinking in this good attitude of this family? Kindly drop your comments and share

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