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A girl commits suicide over a boyfriend's break up

the 24 year old veronica iwuala has been traumatized and she has been going throught a lot of pain, heartbreak and depression. she literally dated her boy friend from the age of 20 up till when she turned 24, that is four years relationship. below you can see the picture when they started dating, the boy was not looking nice.  

 The Boy's name is Victor Timothy also known as Tim, he's a programmer and a web designer, he actually had issue with his girlfriend but it has not led to a break up yet, he only said they should take a break for a while,but the girl already started seeing it as a break up. The 24 year old girl, veronica has been with the young man when he was broke until when the young man started making money through his cyber business, and he has been taking care of the girl and had a good plan for them ahead. below you can also see a pictures of them when they have started enjoying wealth   The young Lady veronica committed suicide after some weeks because she couldn't bear losing her lovely boyfriend. below you will see the recent picture she posted showing how heart broken she is  When Victor heard about how she took her life he shed tears and he stated "Baby why would you do this to us?, baby I only said we should take a break for a while, it wasn't a break up yet" The young man is still in heart break because of the loss of his beloved girlfriend. people keep asking why this young girl mistook a break for a break up. as it stands now, she had left her parents to grief, and her boy friend also. who do you blame for this, the boy or the girl? remember, it was not a break up yet. Drop your comments and share

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