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Do You Know This New Mad Woman in Awka

She puts up make-up awkwardly and usually has the impression that she is out to look for night customers.

Mad lady from Igbo State.

It was revealed that she was among the club known in Awka as “ Glamorous slay girls”.A group of lady that own beautiful cars and live a luxurious life.

Whenever this particular girl in picture is asked what is wrong with her, she will answer “just wanna hangout.” 

She will always insist she is waiting for her boyfriend to hangout with. On further questioning, she will , While bragging, mention that she hangs out with top men of different class.

This is verifiable. The girl is seen moving up and down Abakiliki Street every night. You may stop her and ask her questions and the first name she mentions is Let’s Hang Out.

Please the Anambra state Ministry of Women Affairs should intervene and rehabilitate her. 

FIDA should also wade in and find out what exactly happened to her in her lucid period and help rehabilitate her.

Please continue sharing until it gets to the Ministry of Women Affairs, FIDA and the girl’s people. She is from Imo State.

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