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"Don't Wear Underwears To Church So That God Can Enter" - Check Out These End Time Pastors. [Photos]

Some pastors have found outrageous ways to milk money from people or have created barbaric cultures that make no sense at all.  Come to church without underwear for Christ to enter says a Pastor  Due to desperate times, when people have needed miracles, they have either ended up eating grass or doing some unfathomable things. Members were made to eat grass.   This pastor stepped on some of his members like mats and named them “holyghost foot mats”  Deliverance session, pastor asked member to go unclad so they can be healed properly.  Members were told to drink petrol as the pastor said it had turned into juice.  In the name of God, be a horse. This is what some pastors made their congregants to be, horses.   The South Africa-based Ghanaian pastor all in the name of delivering and performing miracles kissed a female church member. In the 28-second video that went viral online another man shouted: “Yes Lord, Yes Lord” while the Pastor was locking lips with the young lady. However, it remains unclear if the kiss healed the female church member.  Women in this church were told to attend church without pants and no bras so God can enter them.


  1. some men of God are a disgrace to Christianity

  2. Christians should stop deceiving themselves all that is in Christianity is deception

  3. The day of judgement is coming and everyone shall recive reward as he has done.God knows them that are his.


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