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Read Why 5Bn is A Small Money To You

The truth is that.
#5,000 is small money,
#50,000 is also small Money
#500,000 is small money also.
#5,000,000 (5m) is small money again.
#50,000,000 (50m) is small money too.
#500,000,000 (500m) is small money actually.
#5,000,000,000. (5billion naira) is small money.
Okay let me stop there. Someone must be saying what the hell is wrong with you. 5b small money? How much do you have?
At what level did you strongly disagree with me.? 50k, 500k, 5m or 500m?
That is the current limit of your mindset about money.
The truth is, The Money game is a mindset game.
When I started with 5k being small, you agreed with me. But actually there are people now to whom 5k is a big deal. A break through
Am not talking about people who are temporarily broke, I mean people who are actually poor.
Some persons can argue today and be correct that 5k is not in any way small money.
People can work for 30days to be paid 5k in this country.
50k may be small money to you also, but actually in this country there are hundreds of thousands of graduates who celebrate Job of 50k per month.
Okay 500k may not be small money to you now, but are there people this money is chicken change to? I bet you know them.
There are people in this country today that a profit of 50M for a 90day Project is equal to a loss as it is a waste of their productive time.
There are people in this country who you cannot take a business opportunity with less than 500m profit potential to and expect to get an audience.
Remember that N500m is just $1.3m. We have Billionaires in $ in this country. To whom 1bn is not big money to.
Money is a mindset game. Everyone operates at a level governed by their Mindset. Mindset regulates the opportunities at your disposal
Your mindset sets a limit to how much money you expect and that is how much money you cannot exceed.
A 50k Mentality cannot carry a 500M idea. it may struggle to carry 500k but certainly not beyond except it is enlarged.
The mindset comes before the money. It is not the money that Brings the mindset. The mindset attracts the opportunities for the Big break.
How much money is too big for you to earn, what is the level of worth you have placed on yourself?
Do you have enough value in skills and knowledge to exchange for that amount of Money?
A lot of things influence your mindset. Starting from the wealth or poverty level of your parents and upbringing.
For the majority of us, upbringing inculcated only Poverty mindset on us.
It will take deliberate effort for us to liberate ourselves and begin to see abundance as a new reality.
This is the greatest battle facing us who didn't come from well to do homes.
The Ideas you have about money stem from poverty mindset, and this is not to beef our parents. They have done their bit, they didn't know better.
Now your destiny is in your own hands. will you give birth to children who will consider $1M Profit a slap on their productivity or who will consider N50k job a breakthrough from God.
The race begins now. Your own race
Money is a medium of fair exchange of value, to have more means you are of more value. It is nothing to be guilty of being more valuable hence more wealthy.
Work on your mindset.
There is money everywhere in everyplace.
You are capable of earning billions of Dollars from your skills, ideas, and businesses.
It is not a sin.
See you at the top
© Dr Adiemea Obed

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