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Rapture in Akure: Nigerians React To Strange Sound Heard In Akure, Ondo State

A strange sound was heard in Akure, Ondo State today. This has left some many Nigerians wondering. Most especially the indigenes of Akure as know one can say for sure the cause of the sound Heard. Some jokingly said it is rapture.

so many Nigerian reacted to this via the tweeter, some of the tweets are shown below


Replying to a tweet Momma's pride tweeted

Omo forget am, if na rapture I no enter heaven niyen cuz m l dey club even Vector sef no enter at least he go dey dr0p hit for us for hell... 

Certified Ondo Boy

Someone Said Rapture Has Happened and Akure Batch Has Gone...

But I'm still here 000i, which way? 

Another user twitted

Jesus is the Only Way to He... New World Order. One World System and One World Religion is setting up. This will tahe place after the rapture. The One World Religion will be against God‘s word where the Antichrist will be called “God". Only Jesus can save us. Stay close to him and don‘t miss the rapture. 

Bethany tweeted 

JESUS isn't coming 

JESUS has come 

Not to save but to judge Rapture is here 

Repent before the trumpet sound 

Dammie_tyler @Tylerofthe... 

I can’t believe some of my family members still Dey sleep ontOp that loud sound haaa. My cousin said if it was rapture, “He’s already gone” 4:). But that thing sounded like thunder hitting my roof. I was so fucking scared. I can’t be hidin from corona and one asteroid hitting med 

LawSavvy tweeted

There are rumors that Batch A, Stream 1 have experienced #Rapture today in the state of Akure Nigeria...

We need accurate information plewsee 

Another user Thor Ragnok tweeted

As at the time of this report the cause of this sound still unknown.

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