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Open Letter To Catholic Bishops And Priest

  Dear Priests of the Most High God

With Great reverence and humility I pass this message to you all.

I am nobody but an ordinary lay man of the Holy Roman Catholic church.

I grew up with faith that the holy church impacted on me concerning the sacrament of the church.

Of all the seven sacrament, the Holy Eucharist is the most holiest and described as the center and summit of our faith.

The Lord Jesus Christ is fully present body, soul and divinity in the Holy Eucharist. This have been proven severally with recorded eucharistic miracles of which the latest was that of Idah Diocese which the sacred Host was found bleeding.

You all know more than me as long the Eucharist is concerned.

According to our Lord Jesus Christ, this great gift of the church have been greatly attacked by men of the underworld.

Great sacrilege, desecrations and abuse by both the clergy and laity.

This as revealed by our Lord Jesus Christ is A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

He said that his agony is great due to this great desecrations in the church.

He made mention of the following :

Communion in the hands of non ordained priest

Communion in the hands of Rev Sisters

Reception of communion on the hand by lay people.

Unworthy people receiving the Holy communion.

Though circumstances have prompted the mandatory reception of the Eucharist on our hands, due to the spread of covid 19 and other diseases.

I suggest that use of hand glove by our Priests can still be of more protective measures than placing our Lord in the hand of the laity.

If we continue receiving the Holy Eucharist on the hand, it will be more deadly than the Corona virus.

It will be destructive than any other sickness.

Though I am very sure that every word of the scripture must come to pass as recorded by Daniel, time will come when the true religion will thrown on the ground and changes that will glorify the evil one allowed in the Holy place just like Jesus predicted it.

Before now, many Devotees of the precious blood and other pious societies have been prepared with many messages about this time.

I hereby plead on you all to stand for our Lord in this trying period and wear hand glove and give us communion on the mouth and not on the hand.

I commend highly, the Arc Bishop of owerri Arc Diocese who have stood his ground to continue giving communion on the mouth no matter what comes.

Let other Bishops see this faith.

Other approach like stopping of handshake during mass can be understood but communion on the hand is a great abuse of the Eucharist.

May God bless you all and may he keep us safe from this pestilence.

God bless all our priest

God bless the Holy catholic church

May he renew the Holy church.

Plaase share until all our priest sees this

Pleas drop your opinion in the comment box.

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