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Lagos-Ibadan Express Way: Robbery Experience TODAY

Lagos-Ibadan Express Way: Robbery Experience TODAY

God spared my Live Once Again..Was coming back to lagos from osun state, then took a bus at the garage in ibadan Iwo road. On the Journey our bus ran into a Gang of Armed Robbers on Lagos Ibadan Express way. They pointed the Gun on our driver from afar so he stopped at their point. 3 of the robbers that stopped the bus was with gun while the remaining five were with matches n small knives.. I was sitting at the extreme end (window side) at the first row of a 14 passenger small bus.. just by my side was one of the armed robber with gun. So while the other robbers where asking all of us to come down,bring our Money, Phone. Just as all of us were still inside the bus the next thing i heard was a gunshot from the gunman standing outside directly behind my window side facing me. and he shot a the gun toward us in the car, the gun pieced the window and I thought I had been shot and i didnt feel it but when i looked at my self there was no sign of gunshot but the next row behind me a guy was hit by the bullet with blood splashing on my back and likewise the person sitting behind him. I quickly handed over my bags, Phone, and money while all of us where lying flat down on the express way.. For like 10inutes It was as if i was watching African Magic Nolly-wood film. I couldn't believe my eyes. This was d first time I am experiencing such... When the robbers left, we tried looking for who will rescue us but nobody was coming, all the buses and cars from the left and right had turn around at the sight of what was happening. Our driver tried starting our own car so we can leave immediately, the car didn't start, we pushed n pushed nothing. And if you knew the spot we where at Lagos-Ibadan express way, it all bushes if u look left or right, U cant trek it, You can go forward or backwards. No car wanna stop, infact no one was coming, they had all fled. Already the guy shot is already bleeding seriously-Then somehow an hiace bus was coming slowly and steadily trying to thinking we were even robbers because all of our passengers had already blocked and covered the road. we beg him he didnt want to carry anybody thinking we could be potential robbers, not until a guy forcefully opened d cars front door and entered then me I jumped and followed because I cannot come and carry last then the Hiace driver zoomed off... Till I got to my destination. It was just 2 of us that escaped from that scene. The other people are stil there, I dont know there whereabout now.... I just want to Thank God for spearing my live to see the fulness of 2013 and many more years... E jo e ba mi dupe lo woh OLUWAH AN please really dont know how I could still help the guys there. Dont know if they have seen an helper or not because this happened today around 5:30pm..

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