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Hit and run bus driver killed a young girl in Anambra state

8 year old girl by the name Sopuru was crushed to death by a bus driver in the commercial city of onitsha in Anambra state. Before her untimely death, Sopuru sells satchet water seller commonly known as pure water around Uga Junction. According an eye witness, she was trying to cross the road to sell a sachet water to a customer but unfortunately she didnt look well and was hit by a commercial bus. Sopuru died instantly and the driver fleed the scene. Please viewer discretion is adviced as her pictures shown below

A woman who was believed to be her mother was seen wailing and held by synthesizers. Its heart beaking to see such a young promising girl tragedy lost her life doing adult work at such a young age. Government should ensure that child labour is prohibited and persecute the defaulters in the court of law. My heart aches, after closure of schools was enforced by the government over coronavirus, for a parent exposed their child to various danger.

May her beautiful soul rest in peace. Please comment on your opinion about this story. Stay safe.

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  1. Oh my! What a sad news.Haaa! Child Labour should be stopped, completely.May her soul, RIPP, Amen.


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