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Coronavirus: Only 1 Death Out Of 81 Mbaka Prophesy is Coming to Pass

Reverend Fr Ejike Mbaka is a Catholic Priest who hails in Agwu local government area of Enugu State. He's well known for his prophetic messages as he has delivered so many prophesies that has come to pass in Nigeria. He's also known for his ability to heal the sick and to cast out demons in people. He's as well the CEO of Aqua Rapha investment limited.

Corona virus is a deadly virus that has affected the world today, as many people has lost their lives as a result of this virus which originated from China in 2019 and has spread out to many parts of the world today.

Father Mbaka delivered a prophetic message about this virus during one of his Wednesdays programmes say that the Virus will end the same way Ebola disease wiped away from the face of earth today.

But as regards to what he said, China were the Virus Originated has not recorded any death based on the Virus for now, as we hope that the prophecy is coming to pass as we expect it to extend to affected countries as well.

We pray that the same God that healed China today will intervene in the world today and deliver us from this deadly virus in Jesus name...

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