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Bus Driver Beaten To Death In Kogi State Over N500

commercial bus driver was beaten to death in lokoja over 500 naira which he claimed he delayed in paying.

The incident which happened on Tuesday caused curiosity among drivers and passengers at the end of Abuja/Lokoja Expressway Lokoja.

According to an eye witness, the deceased was beaten to death by produce officials who claimed the driver didn't pay his N500 naira on time.

According to the eyewitness, they kept pounding on the driver until he became unconscious but still they didn't stop at the that as others claimed the driver was also stabbed by them.

The beaten was seen as a mass beating which happened at the pack which lead to other angry drivers blocking the Expressway with their truck to disrupt movement to and from until the see the state governor.

The state police later confirmed the incident and said they've dispatched police officers to the area to restore peace while some of those men involved in the act have been arrested and will remain in police custody.

This, he said, infuriated other commercial drivers, who blocked the highway, leading to the gridlock.

He stated that the state Commissioner of Police, Ede Ayuba, summoned the warring parties and the family of the victim to a meeting in his office, where he appealed for calm.

He added that the remains of the victim had been buried by his family

According to him, some of those involved in the fracas have been arrested, while the area has been cleared and free flow of traffic restored.

Opinion: What do you suggest should be the penalty for the killing of the driver?

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