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She Agreed To Date Me 3 Years After I Asked Her Out

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She Agreed To Date Me 3 Years After I Asked Her Out

House, I met my current girlfriend in 2016 when she was in 100 level. I asked her to date me but got turned down. After several attempts to woo her, I gave up and decided to delete her contact because I hate being friend zoned.

Her reason was she had a boyfriend who was in another state schooling. Within 2016 and 2018 she called me twice and was not happy that I didn't have her number (I kept on asking who was speaking the two times she called) but I never stopped telling her I'm not going to be her friend because that's not what I want from her. I want a relationship.

Fast forward to may 2019, we met coincidentally and I got her contact again. I asked for a date, she agreed. We met at the joint, but she came along with a friend (after asking me 5 minutes before we met, I agreed). After the lunch (not a date anymore), we spoke at night and she agreed to date me after I asked again. She was single by this time.

Some of my male friends think I'm crazy because it took her all that time before she agreed to date me but I feel she was right not to double date and she said she didn't have any feelings for me then.

Please House, am I crazy because I still had interest in her after 3 years? 

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