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Pictures As Osinbajo Visits The National War Museum In Umuahia

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Pictures As Osinbajo Visits The National War Museum In Umuahia

Prof Yemi Osinbajo @ProfOsinbajo The generations born after the Civil War are navigating the journey of being Nigerian on different terms from their forebears. By intermarrying, migrating and comingling inside the quest for love and livelihood; they may be forging alliances in business, civil society and politics. Without mincing words, the civil battle become a defining national tragedy and a strong national conversation is vital to aid the process of healing and reconciliation. In the 50 years that have accompanied since the stop of the battle, we've invested in countrywide integration, peace constructing and reconciliation. That has been a lot much less than perfect task. Even with challenges, the ones setbacks should now not result in hopelessness or despondency. Our venture is to construct a state that works for all of us. And yet, country constructing is tough work and bringing together multiplicity of ethnicities beneath one banner is an onerous however important task. The remaining 50 years belonged to us, but the next 50 belong to our kids and we must unshackle them from ghosts of historic grudges & grievances. By their conduct, our youngsters display us that it is feasible to forge friendships, let us deliver them a threat to do higher than ourselves While in Umuahia, I visited the National War Musuem commissioned in 1989. It changed into mounted to keep the relics of the Nigerian Civil War and serve as a memorial to the soldiers, civilians and different casualties of the Civil War and other conflicts in Nigeria.

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