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Nigerian Companies are foolish for giving Tacha And Mercy endorsement deals, What have they done?

There has been a craze by Nigerian Companies to sign up Tacha and Mercy as their Ambassadors, just because they went into a house, spent 99 days frolicking and misbehaving and came out with grudges and enmity against one another.
Facebook Sensation and influencer, Ivan Lawson, has taken a deep look at it and has laid bare it's wrongness. He wrote about the qualities someone must possess before a company will come to with an endorsement deal.
"A brand ambassador is a person who is hired by an organization or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales"
"This brand ambassador isn't only meant to embody the corporate identity of the company in appearance,demeanor,values and ethics,but also to have been an accomplished personality that has distinguished himself in a certain area of expertise,skill,art,movement and endeavour".
He criticized the actions of the companies, and compared them to their American Counterparts and other foreign companies.
"When you see Pepsi signing up footballers like Lionel Messi,Didier Drogba and David Beckham to promote their brand,they aren't offering these endorsement deals only because these footballers are popular and have a teeming fan base, No"
"These footballers are being recruited to represent these brands because they have distinguished themselves remarkably in their chosen endeavour and profession,have displayed outstanding art,talent and craftsmanship---and have been renowned for working hard at their passions and persevering until their dreams became a reality"
"They are VISIBLY successful personalities whose success stories can serve as a motivation to all and sundry"
"Who would see Christiano Ronaldo juggling a leather ball on a Nike TV commercial and not feel a surge of motivation wash across their bodies?"
"Who would watch David Beckham firing his legendary 'c-curve' free kick on a Pepsi advert and not determine to work harder to become a star in life?"
He concluded by saying that he doesn't understand Nigerian Companies again, and advised that they start doing things the right way as it would define their standards.

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