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Lady Slaps Man In Bank, The Man Slaps Her Back As She Staggers. See Reactions

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Lady Slaps Man In Bank, The Man Slaps Her Back As She Staggers. See Reactions 

A video of a lady and a man exchanging Slaps in a place that appears like a bank counter has sparked serious arguments online.

In the video, a lady and a man had argument over misunderstanding, the lady slapped the man, the man retaliated and gave her a heavy slap that saw her staggering.

Nigerians that saw the video are divided over it. While some are blaming the man for retaliating, others are supporting the man. Some are of the opinion that no matter what, that the man shouldn't have slapped the woman back.

Instagram user, Hotdealzdirect said:

"It's wrong to slap a woman, no matter what. He is not a gentleman."

Then another Instagram user, Ozzyemmanuel, fired back:

"@hotdealzdirect why did she slapped him In the first place?"

Another Nigerian man, Tubonomi, said he would have simply 'walked away' if he were the man.

If you were the man, what would you have done in this kind of situation?

See more reactions to the controversial Video from Nigerians.

iam_darey_: "She got what she deserved. No one has a right to beat up someone else and not expect a retaliation."

mathiaschristopher7: "She actually got what she bargain for ���"

chamacobasil: "Very good my man"

igbinobachukwuma: "All the virus in this woman brain has been formatted by this slap"

tony.ojie.3: "In the first place the woman lack home training. She got what she deserves. Next time she will not do it again."

miebakaaggo: "He was never going to slap her after she slaped him, he only slaped her because the silly woman was not ok with the first slap, she wanted to give him a second one, so he did the needful"

djlapel: "What if the man used his front hand, how will the woman feeling right now.... just thank ur God"

eghsrevb: "Was she posses after back hand slap in retaliation, good one next time she would know how to respect men."

iche_ice: "Never touched a woman before. But, I've got to say, in this world where we are advocating gender equality, no woman or man deserves to be assaulted. Thus, she had no right to physically assault another person. He retaliated. Case closed, or arrest them both (two fighting). Gender equality�"

african1.warrior:" This guy most be a tennis player.His backhand stroke na die."

pastor_dike:" He acted in self defense"

zubysparks: "The slap turned her 360... Angle at a point... Lmao"

laptopshop_lekki: "Bad up bringing. Do not disrespect men."

Watch the video

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