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Humiliation! Obaseki expelled from APC while Ogbeide Ihama takes control of PDP

If political observers had predicted that such an entertaining political drama would unfold from Edo's state, the pessimist would say that the scenario would never have been so exciting.
Welcome to our daily update on the scene behind the battle for the election of the governor of Edo State.
Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki welcomed the pressure yesterday and extended the olive branch to Oshiomhole and the conventional CPA.
In what appears to be a secret appeal, the state government through its CPA fractional advertising secretary, Pastor Joseph Osagiede, asked Adams Oshiomhole to commit to a true reconciliation that would be overseen by a neutral party.
The governor who begged the monarch of Benin and the presidency to come to his aid to obtain a truce with Adams Oshiomhole.
According to him, “we have already said that we are ready and ready for reconciliation, but it cannot constitute a body for reconciliation when it is an interested party in the case. A neutral body of the Benin presidency or traditional council can create a committee for this reconciliation. "
The pleas, however, came too late, as Adams Oshiomhole's main APC yesterday confirmed Obaseki's suspension of the party.
The announcement made by the party's national advertising secretary at a press conference was announced in Abuja.
Observers believe that Obaseki, who hastened to overthrow Oshiomhole, finally fulfilled his mission at the party.
Obaseki is believed to have distanced himself from party supporters since taking office. Leaders accuse the governor of leading a solo government.
Meanwhile, the member of the House of Representatives representing the federal riding of Oredo in the National Assembly, the Right Honorable Ogbeide-Ihama, decided to assume control of the PDP in the state.
The charismatic Ogbeide Ihama made a strong penetration among the leaders of the PDP State Party.
Ogbeide Ihama, who is a front-line PDP candidate for the governor's post, is putting the finishing touches on his long-awaited statement.
Ogbeide Ihama would face a fierce battle with Godwin Obaseki, who concluded his plans to join the PDP after his embarrassing exit from APC.
The way in which Obaseki's political engagement would be useful in the context of the PDP is still very confused because the camp of Ogbeide Ihama is not ready to submit to the authority of the imminent invasion of Obaseki.
This is a developing story, as more details will be shared as the events unfold.

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