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Discover And Buy Wireless Charger,Night Driving Smart Glass,Fuel Saver and Many more

Wireless Charger White Fast Ultra Slim 10W Wireless Charging Station Qi-Certified Universal Wireless Charging Station Pad Compatible for Smart Phones and...
Our prayer to live longer is that we see the few wonders of men and life! Have your Phone charged without plugging into power socket and stop the high temperature while charging. Wireless Qi Charger got your phone charge FAST and SAFE because it has many levels of Protection build-in to avoid – over-current, voltage, over-charge, over-power and short-circuit. 
Product performance:
  1. Product suitability: wireless charging for QI-compliant electronics
  2. Implementation standard: WPC 1.2.4              
  3. Lights up in red during standby and blue in charging 

Device Support:

10W Fast wireless charging model: Fast Charging

Samsung GalaxyS9/S9 plus, /S8/S8plus, Note 9/Note 8, 

Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 edge/ S6 edge plus/ Note 5

5W Fast Standard model: Normal Charging

iPhone 8/8 plus, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Google Nexus 4/5/6, LG G2/G3, Nokia Lumia 920/1020/928/1520

Compatible with ALL Qi-enabled devices
and other phone without Qi, you need to plug a wireless charger receiver to your phone and make it wireless function

Product Feature:
1. Input voltage: DC 9V-1.67A /DC5V-2A
2. Output Voltage: 5V-1.2A, 9V-1.3A
3. Transmit power: 10W/5W
4. Transmission distance: 2 to 4 mm                                          
5. Charging efficiency: 72% & above
6. Weight:  67g
1. Wireless Charger does not charge through metal cases thicker than 4mm. the phone cases is suggested to be removed while charging
2. Samsung S8 products’ has self-protection, sometimes you can only charge 70%-80% . take it off for a while, and put it back again. Then it’ll charge the remaining amount
3. The product is not waterproof equipment. Please keep away from liquid
4. A QC 2.0 or QC 3.0 adapter is required for fast charge mode as it power source

There is no gain saying that, you have met with goodness today as you are reading this article, your Car Fuel consumption rate receives Real Goodness with our NEOSOCKET FUEL SAVER DEVICE.
The reasons that you must have this Car Fuel Saving device is abound, let me quickly share one of my customer's account with you, she bought the device with the Mind set ‘let me go and try’ met with me one of the Saturday’s at ATM Point and thanked me seriously for the Device, so if are of this mind set, I say confidently, buy and share your testimony with me.
The Fuel Saver device will not only be saving you of your fuel but you’ll be engaging in keeping our environment clean and experience good engine acceleration. You see friend you certainly Need our Product (Neosocket Fuel Saver). It is simple to use, just PLUG AND SAVE FUEL. It shell life is three (3) years.
Join today our teeming satisfied customers and experience a significant saving on your Car Fuel Bill
A Neosocket 12V Device (Fuel Shark)
How to Use...
1. Plug the device when your car ignition is yet to be Turn-On, and remove only when your Car ignition is turned off.
2. Simply Plug the device into your Car Cigarette Lighter Pot and instantly begins to Save FUEL and Money

The Benefits...
Plug and Save on FUEL Vehicle Economizer
1. Save 20% on your Car Fuel Consumption
2. Gives you a better experience with your engine horsepower and Acceleration
3. Long Battery Life
4. Cleaner Emission, & this is great for our environment.
FUEL Shark Neosocket is greatly needful for Companies with Fleet of Vehicles, & everyone having a Car(s), imagine the Money that shall be Saved daily.
Place your Orders today...
N4, 500 (Promo Price) Hurry Now
*This price includes delivery cost*
#SaveMoneyOnFuel, #HelpCleanEnvironment, #FuelEfficiency, #Powerengine

I know for some of us driving in the NIGHT could be very challenging, the beaming lights from on-coming vehicles and poor vision has made a lot runs off home from where they are to avoid driving in the night. What if I say, that is no more an issue for you as we got you a perfect solution? With Night Vision Sight HD Glasses Driving Anti-Glare you are save driving at night for it helps balance the beaming lights and give you clear vision. Suitable for both men and women. Using medicated glasses, you can wrap it round it. 
Key Benefits…
1. Makes night driving sweet and safe
2. Protect against UVA/UVB
3. Suitable for both men and women
4. Lightweight in design
#DriveSafelyAtNight, #NightDriving, #DrivingGlasses, #HDNightVision

There is no gain saying how challenging insects, spiders, ants, rodents and cockroaches are to us specially in this part of the world. Can I tell you that you can send all parking for good out of your homes or offices? Yes! you read right.
Turn your home’s and offices wiring into a Pest Repellent force field! All you need to do is simply plug in this advance device – Pest Reject into any power outlet to keep rodents, ants, spiders and cockroaches away for good.
Plug-in device and see it work immediately by creating an environment that aids in the control of rodents, e.t.c 
How Pest Reject Works…
1. Plug-in into Power outlet and shows green light indicating Riddex Power Plus is on, and should remain a solid green light at all time
2. The device should be 80-120 centimetre away from the floor and vertical to the floor
3. Use one unit per average size room/office with a Pest problem. Additional unit will be required in larger areas of above 2000 sq. ft.
4. The plug-in should be away from your curtains
The Benefits…
1. Turn your home’s/offices/warehouse into an invisible Pest repellent force field
2. Non-toxic, and it is non-poisonous
3. Helps control unwanted pest safely, quickly and effectively in as little as 2 weeks
4. Drive rodents, ants, roaches out of your home/offices
5. Safe for our children, pets and electronics
6. Light in weight

GOJI CREAM for Flawless Skin
Keep Your Skin Smooth and Glowing 
You'll definitely would love your SKIN using GOJI CREAM. This cream got exactly what you want, sure you agree with me that today ups and downs tell on your skin, that is why you need Goji Cream to make you look youthful and beautiful. Goji Berry Cream is the answer and contains pure perfect blend of nature antioxidants that stop the aging processes of SKIN CELLS.

The Benefits…
1. It is non-greasy and it absorbs quickly, effect is sweet and better
2. A breakthrough in anti-aging skin care wellness, cause it enhance skin cell metabolism
3. Fragrance-free facial moisturizer daily to protect, hydrate and revitalise skin for a smoother and more youthful looking complexion
4. Does not bleach nor darken your skin, simply keep your colour
5. Removes scars, rashes, acne and wrinkles

How to Apply…
1. Gently apply good amount of the cream around your face and neck region
2. Massage gently until absorbed
3. Morning and evening
Hurry up and place your Order Now, Yuletide Pricing
Complete your Order
N6, 500 the price includes delivery cost, order yours now while offer last
Happy Xmas and prosperous year 2020
Please the Goji Berry Cream does not replace medical treatment if you have skin injuries and other health issues.

The Prices are as follows;

1. Goji Berry Cream N6500
2. Pest Repellent N4500
3. HD Night vision driving glasses N5500
4. Neosocket Car Fuel Saver N4500
5. Qi Wireless Charger N 7500

These prices include delivery cost

Contact # 08036706945, 08074224223

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