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The Woman I Saved On Christmas Day (Graphic Photos And Videos)

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The Woman I Saved On Christmas Day (Graphic Photos And Videos)

I am an okada man, operating from Orile to Cele bustop highway, I came across a woman lying lifeless on the road, people gathered around her, no one to rescue her or to take her to hospital, all her cloth was stained with blood, I called some people and they put the woman on my bike, we rushed her to primus hospital ijesha, where the doctor were very rude and requested for card money which one woman transferred 3k to the doctor.

Later the doctor rejected the patient and ordered me to take the woman out of their hospital, that the injury is too much, unknowingly to me all the people that followed me down to the hospital have ran away, I refused to take the woman away, the doctor and the held me hostage in the hospital and called ijesha police for me, they came and Seized my okada, insisting that I will take the woman to LUTH hospital by all means, failing to do so I will be held responsible for anything that happen to the woman.

They started making fun of me by calling me, GOOD SAMERITAN, HERO, HELPER , THAT CANT HELP HIMSELF, that is why will i carry whom i don't know on the way to hospital?

I started crying, luckily to me another good sameritan showed, this one is KEKE MARUWA rider, he encouraged me, full of confidence, that he will support me let's take the woman to LUTH hospital with his kekemaruwa.

For complete 5 hours this woman was seriously bleeding, From 8pm I brought her to the useless hospital till 1am Early morning, that was when the Keke man showed, the police refused to assist with their so called TOLL FREE PATROL VEHICLE, I called 911they answer but not show up, me And the keke man now took the woman to the LUTH hospital around 1am with a police report, KUDOS TO LUTH hospital, they rushed the woman to emergency and commenced surgery immediately, me and the Keke man spent like 10k for the drugs and other things that night, in the LUTH.

To the glory of almighty Lord, she is recovering, and the family have come, I be taking back my okada, from the police.

The little I can get the video.

That's me asking her of her biography, more video to com

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