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See How Nigerians Are Making Money In Smart Business As Billionaire

Learning How To Swim ln  Smart Business in 2020


We all know that the more engagement we gain from our social media posts, email campaigns, website visitors and other digital efforts, the higher money we make.

Some businesses are invested in technological innovation, and using this to get closer to financial breakthrough. Others see internet as their key catalyst for growth.

Don't miss The Lagos and PortHarcourt Business Meeting  with *Mr David Imonitie*
and member of Speakers  to hear which Strategy bring passive income.


We'll discuss how to use Strategies to answer questions like: 

*What is the impact of earning digitally?*

 *What digital earnings should we be measuring?*

 *How the internet impact a business' bottom line?*

Have you got your ticket? It’s hitting up and tickets are selling fast. Next weekend, Saturday the 30th of November in the City of Lagos and Sunday the 1st of December 2019 in PortHarcourt, Nigeria will host the #1 African American income earner in the direct sales industry, Mr David Imonitie Jr. He has helped a lot people become millionaires in this industry. Year 2020 is here and one of the ways to get direction for the year is through  VISION. IM Mastery is just unfolding, let an expert like Mr David Imonitie help you with that.

Get your tickets now!

It’s few days to this Epic events with the millionaire maker. 
Mr David Imonite has been a pencil in the hands of the creator.
His story is very fascinating. But more exciting are the stories of those whose lives have changed as a result of his mentorship. 
In this industry, he is known as mr “Believe” . 
He is the Nr 1 African American in the industry. His ability to communicate how the mind works is simply amazing. 
He is a mentor to the masters. YOU NEED TO HEAR HIM.

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