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Oyin Jolayemi Biography Of The CEO Of Daily Need Group

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Oyin Jolayemi Biography Of The CEO Of Daily Need Group

His story is akin to that of a lame rising into fame. Sojourning to Lagos from Iludun Oro, Kwara State at the age of 13, armed with nothing but a mix of educational disability and strong commitment to excel and break loose from the yoke of poverty; Oyin Jolayemi, founder of the Daily Need Group of Companies is today not just an ordinary industrialist, he is an industrial icon, a quintessential entrepreneur whose stories, no doubt, provide the motivational pull for aspiring entrepreneurs.

For those that are familiar with the city of Lagos, particularly the high-brow Victoria Island part of the metropolis, the name Oyin Jolayemi will certainly be a household one. It is one of the major streets in Victoria Island, which plays host to head offi ces of some of the big corporate organisations.

However, beyond being a popular street, Oyin Jolayemi is also the name of one of Nigeria's highly successful corporate icons, who by dint of hard work, strong determination to excel, courage and uncommon zeal, broke loose from the chain of poverty and deprivation to attain the commanding height in his chosen career. It is this same man that Oyin Jolayemi Street was named after.

Born in 1940 at Iludun Oro in Kwara State to the family of Pa Sangotoye Jolayemi, a man reputed as the custodian of curative services, with magical prowess and the ability to call fi re from the skies, Oyinlola, as he was then called, is the youngest of fi ve surviving children.

As a traditionalist himself, the elder Jolayemi, perhaps, forced by the circumstances that surrounded the loss of seven of his children decided to allow the remaining fi ve certain privileges like freedom to worship whatever they chose. However, the freedom did not include being allowed to go to school as their father felt it was a ploy to lure them into Christianity.
With the pursuit of academic, shut out, the young Jolayemi settled for handcraft, particularly, mat making. At infancy, those close to the Jolayemi family say the young Oyin was a bit rascally; the attributes which Business Courage learnt earned him serious reprimand, though he was closer to his father as the last child.

As it later turned out, Oyin's closeness with his father almost became a clog as he, for long, found it diffi cult to convince his father to free him to pursue a life-saving adventure outside his birth pace, Iludun Oro just like his brothers.
At a tender age of 13, the youthful Oyin Jolayemi left Iludun Oro with nothing except determination to come to Lagos and make a meaning out of life.

When he arrived Lagos, Oyin started out as a shop boy selling handkerchief and dusters on the streets of Lagos but several challenges along with the unfulfi lled promises of his boss to pay him a certain sum made him quit the apprenticeship. There and then, he decided to take the bull by the horn.

After he broke away from his boss, Oyin decided to put into practice, the little he had learnt from his boss by selling the same items he had hawked on the streets of Lagos Island. As he progressed, he added to his stock, the sale of raincoat.

Interestingly, however, the young Jolayemi had at that stage, known the importance of education as he enrolled for adult education classes which he attended every evening after each day's sales.
At the early stage of his entrepreneurial endeavour, Jolayemi was confronted with teething challenges that were strong enough to scare him away. Shortly after he broke away from his boss and opted to sell his own handkerchiefs and dusters, Oyin was hit by fraudsters who defrauded him of the entire handkerchiefs he hawked around the streets in Ikoyi. According to him, the fraudster had asked him to go and bring the rest items in his small shop, “I thought he was serious. He told me he wanted to buy many. I ran back to my shop to bring all that I had, but only for him to order me in a way that I do not know to lie down in a gutter and start looking forward and praying. He warned me to just lie there and do not raise my head until the money came, but only for me to later raise my head with courage and the man was nowhere to be found again,” he recounted.

Despite this shortcoming, Oyin Jolayemi refused to cave in. He picked up his pieces and intensifi ed his drive in the handkerchief sale until he was eventually introduced to the sale of over-the-counter drugs by Folorunsho Akosile, who as at then, dealt in Patent Medicine. This connection opened doors for him, leading to the establishment of Daily Needs Chemist at Idumota Lagos, turning him from a handkerchief seller to a patient medicine seller, the business that raised his profi le around Idumota and Ereko area of Lagos Island. Interestingly, it was this line of business that ultimately unveiled the strong entrepreneurial spirit in Oyin Jolayemi.

After running the patent medicine business for some time and becoming very popular around the Idumota/Ereko axis of the Lagos Island, Jolayemi, in 1970 opened a shop known as Daily-Need Chemist located at 134 Nnamdi Azikiwe Street, Lagos Island.

Essentially, Daily-Need Chemist was the mustard seed that germinated and grew to become an oak tree which today is the Daily-Need Group, an indigenous conglomerate which has now grown to include Daily Need Industries Limited, DNI Personal Products Ltd., Oyin Holdings Ltd., De Honey International Ventures, and Jolayemi Nigeria Ltd, with turnover running into several billions.

After two years of trading under Daily Need Chemist, Jolayemi ventured into manufacturing of “Paulina,” a beauty cream somewhere in Surulere, Lagos. This was followed by the production of Penicillin Ointment, the product that effectively launched him into full blown pharmaceutical production.

Today, Daily-Need Group has over ten quality and vibrant brands under its portfolio. The company manufactures Biovit, a syrup of Vitamin B Complex, which restores lost energy, reduces stress, replenishes the skin and enhances the well-being of the body system . Also, De-Deon's, a syrup of Haemoglobin Vitamin B12 which restores lost energy, reduces stress and enhances the well-being of the body system is another brand which has today become a must have for all families especially patients in dire need of blood restoration. Other pharmaceutical products include Uniplex Cough Syrup, for effective treatment against irritating and chesty coughs, Matthew Worm Elixir for effective treatment against round worms as well as thread worms. Vilicin Balm is popularly known for fast relief from muscle aches and pains as well as ensuring fast and soothing relief

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