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Call/WhatsApp 08088768183 Get your health & wellness back with Stc30 READ TESTIMONIES

Call/WhatsApp 08088768183
Get your health & wellness back with Stc30
Hear what satisfied users are saying about STC30 product
KIDNEY DISEASE - One of our Member sisters, a Barrister, shared her story of being diagnosed with renal failure last year. She had dropped from 75kg to 45kg, was bed ridden for 6 months, hospitalized for 2 months, on dialysis, unable to work or care for her children, and was on the list for a kidney transplant. Her doctor started her on Stc30, and today her kidneys show no sign of disease, she did not need any transplant, she is healthy, back to work and looking after her family.
INCONTINENCE - One of our Associates, a Medical Doctor, gave Stc30 to a patient who was unable to control her bowels or urine. The patient now knows when she has to urinate or defecate and no longer loses control.
SICKLE CELL - One of our members, a Medical Doctor, has a 54 year old Sickle Cell patient who frequently felt bone pain and other crises related to Sickle Cell. She has been on Stc30 for 6 weeks and has been crisis free. This would not have been the case before Stc30. He is now going to introduce it to other Sickle Cell patients.
MOTOR NEURON DISEASE -One of our members, a Health Worker, saw a woman who had been from hospital to hospital, prescribed many medications, and still nothing was able to help her. She was unable to walk or do any normal daily task without aid. After starting Stc30 she can now walk without aid, and is able to coordinate movements of her limbs, plus complete many of the daily tasks she had previously not been able to do.
SLEEP & ENERGY -One of our members is a Nurse, standing on her feet for 12-hour shifts. She gets very tired during her shift and also cannot sleep well at night. After starting Stc30 she now sleeps like a baby and has great energy all day long for her 12-hour shift.
DIABETES & WOUND HEALING -Our member gave a woman with diabetes and a diabetic ulcer Stc30. For 4 years she had suffered from a diabetic ulcer on her leg, with a dressing that had to be changed at the hospital every 2 weeks or else the wound would begin to smell. After beginning Stc30 she missed her appointment. The doctor was worried something had happened to her. When she finally came in for her appointment 3 weeks after beginning Stc30, the ulcer was virtually healed.
STROKE -A 68-year-old man had suffered from stroke the past 8 months. After starting Stc30 his wife called to say that he was now able to urinate on his own for the first time in 8 months and had also experienced his first erection in 8 months.
FERTILITY -One of our Doctors was working with a couple that could not conceive for 4 years, the man had low sperm count and could not hold a strong erection. After being on Stc30, the sperm count increased, his erections improved, and the couple has just called the doctor to advise the wife is now pregnant.
HEEL PAIN -One of our members gave Stc30 to her friend who complains of heel pain and was no longer able to wear high-heeled shoes. After starting on Stc30 she now wears high-heeled shoes happily with no pain.
ENERGY/SEXUAL PERFORMANCE - One of our new members started using Stc30, and after just 2 days noticed increased energy and better sexual performance. We know that there are many men with hypertension or diabetes who have challenges with sexual performance. We often have testimonies that Stc30 work wonders for anyone with these issues.
HYPERTENSION / ENLARGED HEART - i gave Stc30 to a Pastor who has been struggling with high blood pressure and an enlarged heart, in and out of hospital and in the house for the past year. After 3 weeks, he is feeling much better, is sleeping well and says he feels very strong.
DIABETES & BLOOD SUGAR - One of our members started to feel very unwell and was diagnosed with high blood sugar. He was placed on medication for 2 months by his doctor, which did not do any good. He was then placed on a different medication for 2 months also with limited results. Somebody introduced Stc30 to him and after a month he was doing very well. His medication for diabetes has been reduced and combined now with Stc30 his blood sugar is very well controlled.
PROSTATE & SURGERY RECOVERY – the father of one of our members had previously had surgery for prostate cancer. The surgery did not go well and he was in pain. He returned for a second and then a 3rd surgery but the pain was still very bad. He was unable to move from the bed and his family had to help him bathe and relieve himself. The doctors recommended a 4th surgery. Instead he was introduced to Stc30. After 4 days he was up and wanting to drive. He has now resumed all his activities, no pain, and no 4th surgery.
EPILEPSY / SEIZURES - one of our members introduced Stc30 to someone with Epilepsy, who suffered from seizures frequently. After a month on Stc30 the seizures are gone.
AGING/SKIN - one of our members had to get her passport photo redone. The bank didn’t believe that her photo ID was correct because she looked so much more youthful than her photo after being on Superlife products. Many people find their skin and overall appearance improves with Stc30 products.
MENSTRUAL/HORMONAL ISSUES - One of our members gave Stc30 to 2 different women both with the same issue. The first woman was 34 years old and not had her period for 4 years, the other was 40 yrs and with no period for 2 years. After starting on Stc30 they both began to flow normally after just a few weeks. Another woman with a lot of pain during her menstrual cycle and with her menses being too short now has no pain and a normal cycle after Stc30. We have many testimonies of irregular or painful periods normalizing after Stc30.
PARALYSIS - One of our members father has had a mysterious illness for 40 years. Every 1 to 2 years he has partial paralysis and takes some time to recover. He was taking more than 40 pills per day, yet no relief. 18 months ago the doctors said there was no hope for him, his organs had begun to shut down and he would not survive this recent attack, or at best, be in a wheelchair if he survived. He started on Stc30 and has made a full recovery, with no incidents since, no wheelchair and is now down to 10 pills per day vs 40.
We have testimonies on almost every health challenge you can imagine - hypertension, stroke, arthritis, migraines, asthma, and so many more……
For more pictures, audios & videos testimonies or to buy Stc30 product kindly message me in private.
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