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Sagay: Nigerians Traveling Abroad Will Be Subjected To Inhuman Treatment

Temidayo Akinsuyi, Lagos
Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), Chairman of the
Presidential Advisory Committee Against
Corruption (PACAC) on Monday said the
recent raid on some Nigerians by the
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over a
multi-million dollars internet scam will have
a negative impact on Nigerians, especially
those travelling overseas for one reason or
the other.
Speaking in a chat with Daily Independent,
Sagay who is currently in the US said the
development will also negatively affect the
image of Nigeria in the international
“It is very worrisome and I am very
disturbed because not only will it affect our
international image but also the prospect of
interaction and travelling of Nigerians
internationally, especially the manner in
which you are regarded when you are in the
midst of foreigners. So, it is a very
disturbing issue”.
On what the Nigerian government can do,
Sagay said while the Federal Government
cannot do anything on the matter since it
happened in the US and the FBI is already
working on it, the government can assist
the United States government in extraditing
some of the suspects if they failed to
willingly submit themselves to the
“There is nothing the Federal Government
can do. The FBI is already taking action on
the matter. The only thing the Nigerian
government can do is if there are some of
the accused people here in Nigeria, the
American government will request
extradition of such people”.
“So, in that case, the Nigerian government
can act. If the accused persons are
unwilling to travel to the US themselves,
then the FG can commence extradition
“That is the best the Nigerian government
can do because the offence was committed
in the US and the US is the primary
prosecutor of the matter,” he said.

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