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Women Are Not Comfortable About Pastor Chris Speech About God's Creation

Re: Pastor Chris.
Pastor Chris, an influential speaker said that the
woman was not in God's original plan, she was
an after thought after God found the man to be
alone. This teaching is in error as there is NO
limit to the foreknowledge of God. Isaiah 46:10
said that God declares the end from the beginning
and nothing happens to God unawares. When God
said everything He made is good was AFTER He
created the woman and not before.
This is the truth: God's original plan for Adam or
man was to DOMINATE ALL THE EARTH Genesis
1:26. He knew right from His original plan and
design that Adam would not be able to reproduce
his kind alone without the help of a woman. Is He
not the same God that created the other animals
in pairs? The design of a man with a male sex
organ clearly shows that the woman was in the
original plan right from the beginning.
God only waited and created the woman at the
right time because He is a God of order and not
chaos. God made the man first and gave him the
leadership role, so you see, Adam did not buy or
earn this position, it's a gift from God. Because of
this, Adam or man really do not have the right to
lord himself over the woman or demand a
master-servant relationship, because his position
in the first place is only a privilege and not a
Submission from the woman should come
naturally, it should be a result of the man's
faithfulness and love for her, such a love that can
be compared to the way Jesus loves his church.
Anything other than this can create chaos,
rebellion and separation.

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