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Letter To Hustlers Full Of Taughts Read And Learn

Dear hustlers, as you're hustling don't carry your
family's problems on your head. As you're
beginning to see small money do not become
problem solver overnight. Money when not
properly managed and invested is fleeting. There
is no point in hustling , working very hard
only for your money to be finished in solving
family problems every month because you want
to carry everyone along as you're the "Okpara" or
Build yourself first. Kwugoduru Chììm!
It's good to be responsible for others but saving
others comes after saving yourself. Protecting
others comes after protecting yourself. It is not
selfishness, it is not Stinginess. It is taking
charge of your future first because if you make it
in life, if you eventually Get the big FISH, you will
not give them fish but teach them how to fish.
Many Adas and Okparas are on this table, me
inclusive. Often times they become available to
every problem in the family, in their siblings lives.
They pause their lives to build their siblings and
at the end by 40 or so years, they feel left out of
life. They realized that they have toiled and
struggled almost all their lives for others and
sadly, most recipients of such services turns out
to be ingrates
Times are changing. Even an orphan can now
survive in this world. So even if you're the Okpara
or Ada, build yourself first. Don't struggle so
much to invest in your siblings. Don't make
unnecessary sacrifices.
Don't give up schooling for the others
Don't go and marry a man you don't love for your
family to prosper.
Don't get pushed into criminal acts because you
want to send money home or to your siblings in
school. If you get caught, you alone will be
Some of our fathers has made such sacrifices.
Some even suffered to send their siblings to
university, to abroad. Some couldn't marry on
time because they want to train their siblings first
but now those people they suffered for see them
as "village people" as nuisance to their big man
Do you know that when you're struggling to
survive and you went to carry another person,
both you and the person you carried will take a
longer (difficult) time to reach your destination?
Think about it.
I'm not expecting everyone to agree with me, like
I said, It's an unlikely advice but what do I know,
I'm just Ada.

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