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One Thing I Did To Clear My Severe Pimples( Pics& Video)

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One Thing I Did To Clear My Severe Pimples( Pics& Video)


I'm making this article particularly for people who are having challenges with breakout or pimple.

Am not here to sell you any product of any kind but to show the steps i followed to be able to clear my pimples.

Pimples come's with so many challenges. Challenges such as irritating of the face, black spot, rough face, low esteem etc. There are so many things that could lead to having severe pimples but one out them is the top leading cause.Now what is this top leading cause of the severe pimples. The top leading cause of severe pimples is a "bad diet". Surprised??.A bad diet is the top leading cause of pimples due to the saturated fats it contains.What kind of foods you eat which contain this saturated fats??Refined carbs such -Bread, meat pie, pizza, fries, buns, donuts, etc. Just foods that contain so much oil in it triggers pimple.What can be done to stop these pimples??
In order to stop these pimples from popping out on your face, you need to clean up your diet.

What do i mean by cleaning up your diet??

Cleaning up your diet is just like filtering out the bad macro's you put in your diet and replacing them with
a clean one. For eg;

If you enjoy eating pizza, bread and butter, buns, it.. These are all foods that cause pimples. They contain a lot of fats in it which if you do have them then they will eventually lead to breakout.So just leave them out of your diet and just eat normal clean foods like rice, beans, oats, eggs, yams, fruits, vegetables etc.Foods with less fats and oil is what you should be aiming for and that will be your only way out from getting pimples.There's a video below which i showed how i do eat my rice and stew. I served my rice and i dabbled it with a little stew, sprinkled a little salt around it and ate it like that and still enjoyed my meal.

Most at times we go over board with the stew or sauce we use on our foods. These stew or sauce we make are made with more off cooking oil.

Now when serving yourself with these stew or sauce you don't need to go over board with it when serving. Just serve a little on your food and eat it like that. If it's not that tasty, just sprinkle a little salt on it and just eat.

This is the sacrifice you have to make if you want to start see a big difference on your face. These are what i also explained in the video below.

Also on the part of making eggs, i know most people love frying there egg but as you're challenged with pimples, it's best you leave out frying your egg and just boil them.

These whole process is just to reduce your oil and fats consumption to its minimum.

So when you've started dieting and cleaning out your diet, i suggest it's best you also include cardio exercise into your routine to fasten the whole process up.

Exercise helps with burning fats and also moving out toxins and junks in your body system which i also talked about in the video below.

So the video below shows me talking about a whole process of me dieting, everything i went through to clear my pimples. So do make sure to check it out.

Watch video:

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