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Typical Nigerian Man only find these women marriage material

Typical Nigerian Man only find these women marriage
material —
Who is pretty
Who “looks" “not clever"
Who their family can approve “easily" with least fights
Preferably a virgin
One who hasn't seen the world. because they find
smart women their competition and difficult to please.
Independent enough to buy toothpaste and soap on their
own and “Weak” enough to never find the right shop.
Who need their support all the time.
Definitely not an achiever or a brainer
Definitely not who has an opinion. Its a very BIG turn
off for 90% of naija men.
A homely “looking" girl who everyone in his family can
suppress including him.
Younger than him
Fairer than him
Less educated and way less ambitious.
Dont have strong career goals
Fragile, delicate.
Desperate to get married
One for whom wearing trendy clothes feels like a luxury.
So that they can buy a trendy garment for her and take
the credit to liberate her.
The women who are educated, earning well, emotionally
strong, motivated to achieve great careers, feminists,
fearless to voice their opinions are considered too
ambitious to start and manage a family and with naija
men's family. And they vehemently see them as their
competitors.They scarcely go for more ambitious ,career
oriented women who will bring out the best in them
rather the weak ones they will subject to emotional and
physical suffering,pain and forceful submission.
Bikonu naija men bible buttresses in (Ephesians 5:22, 1
Peter 3:1)God exhorts women to voluntarily follow their
husband’s leadership.A woman is actively doing this–
choosing to put herself under leadership, choosing to be
subordinate in a circumstance or relationship. This is
not forced upon her by the husband.”First, submission
is actually a voluntary action by the wife. Wives are
commanded by the Lord to submit to their husbands
This is a commandment from the Lord. However, there
is nowhere in Scripture in which husbands command
their wives to submit. A wife chooses to follow her
husband’s leadership. Slaves, on the other hand, choose
nothing. Their decisions are chosen by their master.
When a woman submits to her husband, she is actually
submitting to the Lord. It is an act of worship and love
for her Savior, not as one of a weakened slave.”wife
submits to her husband, not because he necessarily has
earned or deserves her respect, but because she
respects the leadership position God has given him over
her.submission does not mean a woman is treated like
a slave where she can say nothing and has no opinions
about anything.
This article may upset many men, either the ones who
cant swallow the truth or the rare ones who dare to
choose strong women.
written by Stephnora Chioma Queen.

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