The name Ojoto is derived from *Ojo and Oto* – Ojoto two brothers. - |Ads4naira Blog|

The name Ojoto is derived from *Ojo and Oto* – Ojoto two brothers.

The name Ojoto is derived from *Ojo and Oto* – Ojoto
two brothers.
One (Ojo) is now a village while the other Oto is a
family in Ire, Ojoto.
The founder of Ojoto, OGBUA DIJI (renowned farmer) is
believed to have migrated from NRI with his two
brothers, ALOJUM and ADIKE. ALOJUM the eldest
founded ALOR while ADIKE the youngest founded OBOSI.
This must have been about five centuries
Ogbus Diji’s first son IFITE later called EZIEKE, settled in
his father’s domain – EZIEKE, while the other sons of
his wives moved away from Ezieke to found the six
villages of Ojoto. One of the villages EZEMA is believed
to have migrated from UKE. Umueke in Ibusa (Delta
state) and Umudin in Nnewi are said to be founded by
one of the sons of Ojoto.
Ojoto now the headquarters of Idemili South Local
Government is divided into two halves by the Idemili
River which runs from Oraukwu to the estuary, the River
Niger, passing through Alor, Uke, Nnobi, Ojoto, Umuoji,
and Obosi.
Ojoto Uno and Obofia each has four villages.
The villages comprising Ojoto Uno are Ezieke, Ojo, Ire,
and Umuchem. The Obofia villages are Enugo, Ndiabo,
Umuezema and Ezema
The Order of seniority is as follows:
*1. Ezieke 2. Ojor 3. Enugo 4. Ire 5. Ndiabor 6.
Umuchem 7. Umuezema 8. Ezema*
The Oji Ojoto which lived in Ezieke best symbolized
Ojoto. It had two main branches, each with four sub –
branches. Oji Ogbuadiji fell down in *_1948_* and was
given a funeral by the eight villages of Ojoto according
to history.
Ogbaudiji is one of the Cardinal deities in Ojoto. The
shrine is at Ezieke. The Chief Priest is from Uruowelle
The Headship of Ojoto; Ezieke village is the head of all
the eight Villages of Ojoto. In Ezieke, this headship is
located in Umuonyia family.
Whoever is at the head of Umuonyia holds the ‘Ofo’
Ojoto. The immediate past holder is *HRH Augustine
Obidiwe*of blessed memory, also the seat of justice is
located at Oye Ezieke. But now the hardships was
shifted to Ojoto Obiofia and presently hold by *HRH
Igwe Mbamalu, Gerald Obunadike (KSM) Eze Oranyelu
nke izizi na Ojonnaaaa.
Serious decisions and traditional rites are performed by
all eight villages on this ground.
The fathers of Ojoto ordained Okwuajana as a place of
justice. The one for Umuonyia is located at Oye Ezieke
and is often used by all when assembled although, all
villages have their shrines and Okwu-Ajana.
Geographical Location; Ojoto is bounded on the North
by Umuoji, on the East by Uke, on the South by Nnobi,
partly Nnewi and Ichi and on the West by Oba.
The old Onitsha-Nnobi and Onitsha-Oba-Nnewi roads
pass on either side of Ojoto. Ojoto has important road
links with these neighboring towns for carrying out
commercial, social and cultural activities. These
activities have endured over the years and are even
waxing stronger. Ojoto-Obofia is therefore rather on the
West of Ojoto-Uno.
Ojoto – Uno Obofia
1. Ezieke,
2. Enugo
3 Ojor,
4. Ndiabo
5. Ire,
6. Umuezema
7. Umuchem,
8. Ezema.
Idemmili Amaka,
Anambra State anyị,
Ojoto banyi.

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