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No more killing ourselves and destroy properties

Ebonyi communities should stop putting more shameful
stigma on this state.
we are by no means have inclination of Igbo people. We
don't help one another and in slightest provocation we
kill ourselves and destroy properties. We hate ourselves
and still we want other people to love us.
Poverty has eaten deep in many part of state and the
only resource to fight for is land.
The frequency of land dispute in the state shows how
poor the state is. We hate civilization. We disgrace
ourselves before the world. In many part of the country
they believe Ebonyi people eat human flesh and the
spate of killings in the state can portray that. Ebonyi
has no natural disaster except human disasters. Last
few years Ezza/Izzilo killed themselves and destroyed
properties not minding they married themselves.
Now is izzi/ikwo killing and burning houses. Why this
war songs in our state. Most of the part of the state
where war is not going on cultism is going on killing
themselves too. Elections have come and gone but
among Igbo States Ebonyi recorded the highest killings
and violence.
If this trends continues very soon we stop marrying
ourselves and the hatred will grow beyond control. All
the news you hear from Ebonyi is son killed mother,
husband killed wife, houses set ablazed or war in ikwo /
izzi. This evil must stop

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