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Man beats Read eye into a beautiful lady

This was the story of Alloy that was earlier posted.
After the sister came to stay with them few days just
because of house challenge, where she was staying in
Ph was sold by the landlord without informing them and
her house rent which she paid have not expired yet. So
she called the brother and informed him,the brother now
asked her to come over and stay for the main time, few
days of her stay, the wife Vivian told the husband that
the sister is not going to stay with them in this house,
that the house belong to her. The husband now asked
her if she was the one that build the house for him?,
why is she given him that condition, that her own
people use to come and stay but he never complained,
that was when the argument started, the woman now
use the rod to break the man's head. If you check the
picture below, you will see the man's head which she
broke. That was when the man now have to slap her
which resulted to the red eye she posted, she now went
and call the brothers to come and fight the man.
Coming to this issue, I am a woman and I don't support
evil and will not be a partaker of evil thing, Some
women don't like accommodating their husbands people
which is very bad. Knowing this man, he never raised
his hand on her, rather she has always been the one
controlling him, to an extent that she don't visit the
husband place, given the man condition to build a
house for him in the village before she will come back to
their place. If this man she claimed have been abusing
her for past 12yrs now, why didn't she report the case
to his brothers or go to Human Rights for complain?
She never lacked any thing but rather she choose to
send the man to his early grave. Is unfair . Right now
she and her coherence are still in cell. Police are still
doing their investigation.

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