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First son kills his dad for refusing to sell his land to sponsor him abroad

First son kills his dad for refusing to sell his land to
sponsor him abroad
A notorious Ayes cultist popularly known as "Egede
boys" Chidiebere Onoh and his his friend Sir King from
Etiti Amankwo Ngwo conspired and kill his father
Christopher Onoh( late) popularly known as
Christopher is from Umuonovo in Uwenu Ukaka village
Ngwo in Udi LGA of Enugu state. He was a retired staff
of Anamco PLC Emene Enugu. He is a gentle,
hardworking and intelligent man. Before his death
Christopher was a palm nut cutter. Christopher married
mrs Ngozi Onoh nee Nwanefi from Ibute umuase village
Ngwo, they have 3 sons and a daughter.
For the past 10years ago, Christopher has been living
like a widower till his death on 31st January 2019. On
this aforementioned date
Christopher first son Chidiebere Onoh conspired with his
friend Sir King n kill his dad, just bcos his dad refused
to sell his land to send him abroad. After cooking and
preparing school for his 10years old son Miracle, Chris
went for a burial at Etiti village Ngwo, his martanal
home, Christopher first son Chidiebere who was at
home when he left called and told him that he has a
visitor, Chris hurriedly returned home so see the visitor
and he asked the son of the visitor,and he directed him
to go to his parlour to meet the visitor, Christopher
immediately went, not knowing that the son arranged
the visitor to kill him. The son accompanied him when
he was going to see the arranged visitor, immediately
when he got to his parlour, Chidiebere hit him on his
head with an iron rod, rushed and put a dog chain on
his neck and tight it in way that Christopher could'nt
breath and the so called visitor held him in his two legs.
Christopher used his free hand and scattered almost
everything in the parlour befor giving up. Having seen
that he is dead, Chidiebere and Sir king took him to his
bedroom and arranged him on his bed. Immediatly after
this Chidiebere went to hide at Enugu Ngwo where his
friend was living. Christopher 10years son Miracle by
the name and the last born came back from school and
went to check for his launch where the dad usually keep
food for him but couldn't see any, he immediately went
to his father's bedroom and saw his father lying down
on his bed, he tap and called the dad but he did not
answer, he saw blood gushing out of his neck .
immediatly the little boy ran to the house of his uncle
and told them that the dad refused to wake now that he
was calling him and he further proceeded to the village
square where he also alerted people there. People there
accompanied him and saw Christopher lifeless body
arranged in his bed, the Chief and President General was
alerted and immediately the Chief reported it to 9th mile
police station.
And the youths and vigilante security of the village
swung into action and apprehend Chidiebere where he
was hiding. When the youth and vigilante security of the
village apprehend and interrogated Chidiebere, he
confessed "that my Mum told me to torture my Dad
small for him to allow us to sell one of their land at
Ugwuejo Ukaka and my dad proved stubborn and and
we kill him.
Previously, Christopher sold his late junior brother land
(Fidelis Onoh) and gave the wife and son the money.
The two shared the money among themselves and the
wife left her matrimonial home to live at Egede for beer
parlour and ichaka business, while the son moved to an
unknown place. After they squandered the money, both
came back and insist that Christopher must sell the
land to send him abroad which he declined. Chidiebere
and his friend Sir king conspired and kill Christopher
with dog chain. Chidiebere and Sir king are currently at
Enugu prison after their arraignment at a margistrate
court in Enugu who remanded them and refer their file
to department of puplic prosecution. The community
last month banished Christopher's wife and Son for their
role in the death of Christopher. This is Christopher

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