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Akpabio Plans To Inflitrate INEC With Fake Electoral Materials

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Akpabio Plans To Inflitrate INEC With Fake Electoral Materials 

As the APC embarks on what is definitely going to be a futile attempt to challenge the massive victory Governor Udom Emmanuel was given by the people of Akwa Ibom State at the forth-coming election tribunal, we have uncovered an evil plot by Senator Akpabio and the APC to replace authentic electoral materials with fake ones in their desperate efforts to subvert the will of the people which they had expressed in the PDP and its candidates at the recently concluded elections

According to exclusive details made available by a source close to the APC and Senator Akpabio, the APC, knowing that it was roundly defeated by the PDP in the recently concluded elections in Akwa Ibom State have concluded plans to infiltrate both the INEC Headquarters in Uyo and in the local government areas with fake materials during the inspection of the material process which the parties are all legally permitted to undertake.

“Akpabio and the APC have been boasting that they have accomplices within the INEC offices that will help them replace the authentic election materials with fake ones. These accomplices have been compromised and they have assured Akpabio and the APC that their wish will be granted. As we speak, busloads of fake materials are being transported from Calabar and elsewhere and they are headed to Uyo. The plan is to begin the removal of the authentic materials tonight (April 15) and continue the process throughout this week. The compromised APC accomplices are on standby and are ready to execute this evil plot. Akpabio and the APC believe this will be their last ditch effort to subvert the will of the people that was massively expressed in Governor Udom Emmanuel and all the PDP candidates for various offices who were elected during the recently concluded elections.”” The source had revealed.

We call on the security agencies and the INEC official to be on the look-out for the people within INEC who may have been compromised by the APC to carry out this evil plot. Akpabio and the APC must be told that the good people of Akwa Ibom State had made their choices and those choices must be respected. No amount of their desperation will change what had been done. Nigerians and the security agencies are again being put on alert.

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