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1. Dark Chocolate.
This is the first and probably the best food to increase sperm
count. The cocoa beans that make up the chocolate are full of
rich antioxidants and enzyme called L - Arqinine which helps in
increasing the volume of sperm.
2. Eggs.
Eggs are the basic super food for increasing sperm count. They
are rich in vitamin E and protein, which help the mobility
(ability to move spontaneously) of the sperm. It also protects
all the sperms from free radicals, thereby doubling the chances
of fertilization. Eggs can be consumed in different ways to
increase your sperm count.
3. Goji Berries.
An Indian super food to increase sperm count. Half an ounce of
goji berries in men in the age group of 42 - 45 can double the
sperm count within a month according to a Chinese study.
4. Banana.
Banana is rich in vitamin B1, C and magnesium which increase
the mobility of the sperm and helps in sperm production.
5. Garlic.
Garlic helps in enhancing the sperm production.
6. Spinach (Inine in Igbo language). Many in Nigeria refer to
this vegetable as "Green". Eating dark green leafy vegetables is
not just a fad, it actually helps regulate a lot of activities in
your body especially when it comes to sperm production. A
glass of vegetable juice morning and night can help you.
7. Asparagus.
This protects the sperm from free radicals, increases the sperm
count and increases the chances of production by aiding it in
its swim towards the egg.
8. Walnuts.
Walnut is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which help increase the
vitality of the sperm.
9. Oysters.
Oysters stimulate the productive system by providing glycogen
and taurine as nutrients. It also helps increase production of
10. Ashwagandha (Ginseng).
Ginseng is not only good in increasing testosterone but also
helps in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. If you are living
in the place where fresh one is not available buy beverages
made with it.
11. Pomegranates.
Pomegranate is a super food, it not only aids in anti ageing it
also increases the sex drive. It is high in antioxidants that help
the level of sperms and quality of sperm production as well.
You can consume it raw or in the form of juice every other day.
12. Pumpkin Seeds.
These seeds contain antioxidants, phytosterols, and amino
acids which enhance fertility in men. Pumpkin seeds can also
help in increasing sperm count, motility, and virility overall.
You can add them as salad toppings or eat them raw as a
snack. Note that both Ugu and Egwusi seeds are grouped
together as pumpkin seeds. In markets in old Aguata, Anambra
State, there is a snack they prepare with Egwusi seeds called
Mgbaroti, Mgbaroti is good in sperm count production. Ugu,
Egwusi and Anyu seeds if eaten raw causes no harm to the
13. Carrots.
It has beta carotene, an antioxidant which maintains the health
of the sperm by protecting it from free radicals. This, in turn,
aids the mobility of the sperm thereby helping it reach the egg.
14. Lentils.
Cooked Lentils are a great source of folic acid which is an
important catalyst in producing sperms. Lack of folic acid can
lead to chromosomal abnormalities in men. Have Lentils daily.
15. Zinc - rich foods.
Any food which is rich in zinc is a protector for sperm as it
prevents free radicals from damaging the sperm. It also
stimulates libido, aids in the prevention of testosterone into
oestrogen. All kinds of fish are a great source of zinc.
16. Beef.
Red meat such as beef is also a great source of zinc. It is
known for helping in sperm production and mobility.
17. Fenugreek.
This is an Indian traditional ingredient used in every Indian
18. Olive oil.
Consumption of Olive oil regularly helps in improving the
quality of the sperm and sperm count. It keeps the bad
cholesterol levels low, increases the flow of oxygen to the
testicles and aids in the formation of healthy sperm.
19. Tomatoes.
Tomatoes are a great fertility food. They contain lycopene
which is an antioxidant known to help improve the structure
and activity of the sperm. Regular consumption of tomatoes can
increase fertility in men.
20. Berries.
Berries contain lots of powerful antioxidants and anti -
inflammatory nutrients such as quercetin and resveratrol which
help in increasing the sperm quality and production.

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