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Police brutality against me today at zenith back PLC

To the Inspector General of Police and to whom it may
concerns. Police brutality against me today at zenith back PLC
ATM stand in Asaba, Delta state by a high ranked police officer,
whom the people around told me that he is the commissioner of
police in Asaba, Delta state. I'm a good citizen of Nigerian, a
business man and also a Nollywood film producer. I ve never
been into any crime ever. This is my predicaments today. I
received a call around 4pm today that one of my friends was
involved in accident on his way to Kano,that they needed some
money for his treatment. I then drove down to nearest ATM
stand,to transfer money to him . it was only two out of the four
that was functional. Many of us was On the line waiting for our
turns to transact . I waited for my turn so long, mean while my
mission is an urgent one indeed. It's now my turn to do my
transfer when suddenly two armed police men enters the ATM
boot. They immediately ordered me to suspend my
transactions. When I looked outside, I saw a Man ,not all that
than me, was calling on some one's attention
I pleaded with the two young officers to allow me conclude my
transection since my card is already inside the machine,
meanwhile the Man is not yet ready, still outside, maybe
waiting for his ATM card. I could not transfer immediately
because of delay from network, when the Man eventually enters
the boot. He asked them I mean the two young officers why
they allow me insert my card, instead of them telling him that
my card is already inn before they came in they said the man is
being sturbon . Meanwhile the other ATM is now vacant for him
to use
I could not complete complete my transactions again from my
own machine due to network failure. So I step aside, waiting for
him to complete his withdraw so that I'll use his machine,
meanwhile that's the only one functional at that time. Already
he has finished his withdrawal, I was walking up to the machine
to use and the man ordered me to go back to the one I was
using before. Just to explain to him that the machine is no
longer working, he landed the heaviest slap on my face,
immediately the two young young armed officers pounced on
me, even hitting me with their guns . it was when they dragged
me outside the ATM boot that I noticed a black Jeep car with
police number plate.The number ending with CR. Within the
next minutes, the next is history. Later in the hospital, I woke
up and asked them why am here?. They told me some people
brought me there. Blood all over my body. According to them
they told me that he was the commissioner of police, Delta state
with his security men that bullied me that way. Imaging me at
the age going to Sixty years being battered this , even pleading
with him,the first time he slapped me. Imaging 3 police men
beaten an ordinary civilian this way. I'm seeking for justice.I ve
not committed any crime.I be just put up this complaints to IGP
to look into this matter, while getting ready with my lawyers.
Please share and make it go viral for justice to prevail.

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