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I want to share an experience I had a few days ago. I noticed

If you don't have kids, you may have younger ones.
"I want to share an experience I had a few days ago. I noticed
my son had four boils, one on his head, his chest, his leg and
his fingers. They were so small, I assumed they are slight
infections and would go.
His doctor recommended an antibiotic cream. You can see the
picture of when the thing was still small. Sometimes my son
will be shouting "his head, his head" or "his leg", I assumed it
was aches that the boil was giving him and I gave him just
paracetamol. His teachers also claimed that he usually shouts
"my head, my head" in school. On the third day. As I got back
from work, I checked the hand and saw that the boil had
opened. I saw something like pus. Lo and behold when I
pressed it, a live maggot came out!
I wanted to faint. I called my husband and also called the
doctor. It was already about 6pm, we couldn't go to the
hospital. So the doctor , advised I pressed all of them which I
did. 4 live maggots in all. I cleaned the wound with spirit. And
his doctor placed him on antibiotics, my son was able to have a
restful sleep compared to the past 4 days. The doctor
eventually told me about the TUMBU FLY. Please read about it
mums. Knowledge is power.
She said it happens to both babies, toddlers and adults!
Especially when clothes are spread outside or damp clothes.
The fly lays eggs on the clothes or when the fly lays eggs on
the grass and your clothes fall on the grass, the clothes
magnet the egg. When you wear it, the egg enters your skin
and begins to mature as a maggot. At nights, it will be moving
which is why my son used to cry a lot at night when he's
shouting " My head, my head"
Doctor's recommendation:
1. Hold all your clothes and children's clothes with pegs to
prevent them from falling down.
2. Shake all clothes off before taking them inside.
3. Wash all children's clothes with hot water.
4. Iron all clothes especially that of children .
5. Encourage washing of hands.
6. Clean all surfaces with disinfectant.
7. Wash all bedsheets and towel with hot water.

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