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Lack Of Patience Is What Pushes People To Make Money Illegally

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Lack Of Patience Is What Pushes People To Make Money Illegally


Patience is God's acid test to be sure if you are ready to receive what you desire or not. From the scriptural verse above we can see that to prove that you have faith in God's word then you must be patient. James 1:3-4.

But your patience must be complete before your desire will eventually materialize. It is not a cheap talk it is hard work. Now I ask you this question do you have patience? In heaven's delivery market you make order by faith through prayers but you receive what you have requested by patience standing firmly on the power in God's word.

Patience is not just waiting, it is waiting in faith. It is not waiting on a time but waiting on God. Whenever a word of prophecy comes to you please instead of worrying yourself about the fulfillment of it, please start building your patience on the efficacy of Gods word. It takes patience to deliver.


1. You will no more be anxious about anything. 

2. You will have peace about that issue that is you will be at rest.

3. You will be filled with joy whenever you think of that issue or need. 

4. When you are ready to thank God if He does it or not. 

Finally my beloved I want you to know that God cannot fail, the reason why God demands your patience is because He wants you to value what He gives you. He wants you to see it as a testimony. He does not want you to be puffed up by it. I pray for you right now in the name of Jesus Christ for the grace to be patiently patient in the name of Jesus. I command anxiety to come to an end in Jesus name. Be blessed of the Lord.


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