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Palm seller boy Slaps VP Osibanjo With Words At Trademoni Scheme

STORY BY Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia ©2019
Nnewi , Anambra State

# State Of The Nation - Satire :
# Osibanjo's TraderMoni and Palm Oil seller : "My money remain 1k sir" - Trader
Osibanjo : We are here to share the TraderMoni to our petty traders . I have been going round the country's market on this .
# Palm Oil seller : That is good .I have been watching you on TV on this sir .
Osibanjo : Today , Buhari government is here to give you your own share of the billions we are sharing .
Palm Oil seller :
That is great sir . Though , I would have suggested that you invested this billions on development of Palm Oil export plans that will put our country back as the leading Palm Oil exporting Nation in the world .
Osibanjo : Are you saying that you don't need our N10,000 TraderMoni ?
Palm Oil Seller :
Sir , not what I meant . I am only saying that if you invest on development of Palm Oil sector in Nigeria , trader like me and others will make more money , more jobs will be created and our country will make more money from foreign exchange .
Osibanjo : My dear , if you are not ready to collect this #10,000 , I will remove your name and put another person . We are here to share the money and not this your policy this and that !
Palm Oil seller :
Not that sir . Give me the N10,000 .
Osibanjo : I for say. If your not serious . I am facing media and I must not be seen as someone that is angry .Please don't get me angry .
Take the N10,000 .
( He handed him bundle of money )
Palm Oil Seller : Thanks sir .
( As Osibanjo was about to leave , the Palm Oil Seller interrupted him )
Palm Oil Seller :
Sir wait , let me count it .
Osibanjo : Count what ?
( angry Osibanjo responded )
Palm Oil Seller :
Count the money that you gave me . By my training sir and business experience , I am meant to count every money given to me sir .
Osibanjo : This is a different money ! This is like dash to you .
Palm Oil Seller :
Sir even dash , I do count it at least to know how much the person dashed me .
Osibanjo : I told you it is N10,000 TraderMoni by Federal Govt .
( As the exchange was ongoing , the was able to count the money )
Palm Oil Seller : Ah ! Sir it remain N1000 . What I have here is N9,000 .
Osibanjo : You should be happy first .
Palm Oil Seller : Happy when you have collected N1000 from the said N10,000 ?
You should have told me that it is #9,000 !
Osibanjo : Oga , I am not ready for your insult sir ! I am not just the Vice President of this country , I am also a professor of Law ! Yes , I am a law teacher !
Palm Oil Seller : eeeeh you should know what is obtaining by trick sir ! You told me that the govt is giving me N10,000 only to end up giving N9000 without explanation ?
Is this not 419 ?
Osibanjo : I think this insult have to stop !
( Angry Osibanjo left the market and later told his aide that he don't think he will continue with this TraderMoni thing )
Palm Oil Seller : Sir , let it be on record that you people are having my 1k .
Osibanjo : You are an ingrate and I wonder why they selected you foul ! ( Angry Osibanjo responded )
(Angry Osibanjo left the market and later told his aide that he don't think he can continue with this TraderMoni thing and the insult I got today from this boy )
Note : This is a satire from Onyia's fiction notes .

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