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How To Grow Your Online Business Fast On Facebook And Instagram

Do you want to promote your online business and find customers on Instagram & Facebook? If YES, here is a practical guide to growing your business fast on social media.
These days, social media has become an indispensable tool that every business owner must take advantage of in order to grow their business and brand.
From Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the way to Google plus, there is a wide array of opportunities that exist for any entrepreneur who takes his or her time to carry out carefully managed social media campaigns. In fact, 82 percent of online business owners are already using one form of social media site to grow their business or the other.
Having a dominant social media presence can help to tremendously grow your business but yet, for you to get to that level, you will first have to cultivate a large number of followers and learn how to dish out content that they will crave for.
What Does It Take to Grow your Business on Social Media?
A lot of people have the erroneous belief that a few blog posts, daily or random status updates and a healthy number of likes and followers will automatically translate to business growth. However, the truth still remains that it is not that simple. It takes real strategic planning and dedication to be able to translate social media to actual business growth.
In order to properly harness the power of social media, you will have to incorporate some certain ingredients such as listening to your audience, sharing relevant messages that your audience will appreciate and also getting others to share your message. Having engaging and relevant content will allow people to share such content and as such will widen your audience to a lot of subscribers, potential fans and customers.
Here are some effective tips that you can use to grow your business fast using social media.
How to Grow a Business Fast on Social Media (Instagram & Facebook)
1. Identify your aims and objectives: before you even create an account in any social media site for business purposes, it is best to first identify your aims and objectives of doing so. You should make sure that you are in the know about how each of the platforms works, what audience you can reach with each of them and what your aims are so as to get off on the right foot.
2. Interact with your audience: when managing a business account on a social media platform, it is advisable that you show your audience your professional and softer side.
You can show your audience your softer side by interacting with them quite often. Respond to posts from your audience and interact with them when they show interest. When your audience sees your softer side, they will feel more connected to you and thus be more loyal to your brand.
3. Be consistent: consistency should be one of your keywords if you intend to grow your business using social media. You should be consistent with your posts, messages and the frequency in which you use the various platforms that are valuable.
You should have a plan as to what you are going to post and how often you will be making these posts and then follow it. It is advisable to adopt a system of posting a few times a day or in a week. Going from posting once a month to a couple of times a day and then back to the former will definitely disengage your audience.
4. Use all social networks: a common mistake that is made by entrepreneurs when they try to boost their business with social media is to go for the social media platforms that they themselves are most comfortable with, forgetting that many potential customers may not feel the same way. If you want to grow your business with social media, then you should spread your tentacles to all the major platforms that are available such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
5. Tailor your posts to meet the needs of each platform: having an account in all the major social media platforms does not necessarily translate into posting the same thing in all the sites. It means tailoring your posts to meet the needs of each of the platforms.
For example, you should post pictures on Instagram, long posts and articles on LinkedIn, Videos and memes for Facebook and Short announcements on Twitter. So even if you have the same content in mind, they should be bespoke for each platform.
6. Understand what your audience needs: understanding the thing that your audience needs will help you to interact and connect with them. Knowing the types of videos, pictures, articles and posts that they like to see or read will help you to be able to understand what you need to be giving them. Once you have gotten a firm grasp on their needs, you will be able to use this to your advantage and grow your business.
7. Intensify your efforts on the platforms that have worked well for you: even though it is advisable to use as many social media platforms as possible, you will find out that some may be working out better for you than other networks.
When you have identified the platform that works really well for your business and customers, it is best to intensify your efforts on that platform in order to take advantage of that opportunity. This, however, does not mean that you should abandon all those platforms that are not working out too well for your business.
8. Align your content with your message: when building a strong social media presence, getting likes and followers is great. However, you should look beyond the number of response that each of your posts gets in the sense that you should not just deliver content that draws attention without actually being in line with your brand. Everything needs to fit within your brand identity and promote what it is that you are trying to say to the world.
9. Some important content will not be popular but you will still need to post it: certain types of content such as testimonials, charity pots, press features and even some important blog posts do not usually get a lot of likes or shares.
However, it does not mean that you should not post them because they are unpopular. These unpopular posts are a really important piece of content when it comes to establishing your validity in the market. Though unpopular, they will ultimately help to build the foundation of your company.
In conclusion, any marketing plan you have must try to capture social media or else you will be missing a lot of customers. A solid social media marketing plan also helps to add to the efforts that you are putting using various offline media. Social media is affordable but yet a greatly under-utilized platform that can help with virtually

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