How Do You Manage The Urge For Sex?

Hey guys,
I know the title seems creepy, but let's just think about it.
Religion discourages premarital sex but have failed to tell us how to manage our selves when the hormones are activated.
Often times, you get the urge to engage the opposite sex especially those that are in a relationship and then you are confused about what to do in order for you to not engage in sex, you just want to make the feeling go away.
I think this is 1 of the reasons why we have adolescents indulging in the act and then leading to unwanted pregnancies, HIV and STI's and others engage in masturbation which somehouw turns into addiction and becomes complicated at the end of the day.
So to those who have mastered the art of controlling the sexual urge, please share how you do it for people to learn
Buddhist methods are the only time tested proven way. It involves segregating Male/Female, and high amounts of discipline instilled by a ritualized lifestyle in nature. Most importantly lack of stimulus and exposure except for the most Senior monks who eventually graduate and can interact with society without temptation. It takes decades of training to achieve this ability. There is no way for the average untrained Man to do this.
It is impossible to expect humans in regular city environments where Sex is everywhere on TV, Ads, Social media, etc. to conform to rules made 2000+ years ago.
So if you want to control the urge, join a buddhist monastery. Otherwise you are out of luck.

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