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2019 Open Letter Every Nigerian Must Read Before The Election - Ads4naira Publisher

New Year Open Letter Every Nigerian Must Read Before The Election.

Nigerians New Year Resolution Should Be Never To Accept Money To Sell Vote in 2019 Election.

Nigerians Should Be Challenged That They Don't Have Power To Elect Their Leaders.

Are Nigerians Not Fundamentally Responsible Of Electoral Desision in Their Country.

l welcome every Nigerians to 2019 the year of anticipation. my special concern about this year 2019 happens to be the upcoming 2019 presidential election. The coast is not clearer there is a heavy storm in the Nigeria's economy, a lot of Nigerians including me and you total meet ourserlves in extremely financial disability, alot of things went down in 2018 alot of people couldn't spend money, I believe it is enough reasons for Nigerians to wake up and fight poverty by coming collectively to look at the drawing board to spot out the white in the black.
A good number of Nigerian pastor and prophet has dropped the 2019 prophecies saying that Mohammad Buhari will emerge for the second tenure as the president of 2019 presidential election. don't you think the positive number of masses has the right to change the story in few weeks to come.
Nigerians are not dead we are alive, if president Mohammad Buhari emerges as the winner of 2019 election the both of us will have nobody to blame for the misfortunes. February 2019 is a lifetime opportunity every Nigeria is suppose to grab without excuses, complaints didn't help issues in the days of financial instability till date, social media hate speech didn't help in anyway, Biafra didn't help at all but a nearly brought war the both of us know the truth.
This is the time even the dead and the living Nigerians needs to arise and put things inorder, it is 99% believable that every aspirants who emerges as a winner in every election was highly voted into power according to analysis. Let the positive masses reconcile with each other and tackle this financial challenges come february 2019, for the vote buying the masses New year resolution should be never to accept money to sell their votes, not to sell the future of the leaders of tomorrow, never to sell your civic rights to be of a good citizen.

Good Bless Nigerians come 2019.

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