Greeting Stella, Hope you are having a better weather over there. I was in your shoe when I read your statement with linda ikeji via content theft. I wanted to take it heart based on your career as a blogger but on the other sides of the story I felt that things are meant to be in a real shape, I strongly say that stella is in the best position as a veteran blogger to call linda ikeji to order for content theft, l knew it has been long you have been swallowing all the mess coming from linda ikeji but I tell you truely this mess is more or less a professional mess to blogging as a career. l want to address to you that linda ikeji's haters are 80 percent, so you have nothing to worry about if she thinks she can drive in your blog and steal your contents without credits and acknowledgement to publish in her blog, just for you to find out that she is been hjacking the metrics that is meant for your original content. she will dance the dance of the game of throne, carrying falsehood attention on her blog to get traffic is not the end of the road. carrying fake information about her so claimed house in banana island has finally revealed that she is a bloody liar, tagging that she made her money through blogging has rendered alot of homes and youths in disastrous conditions, most people where mislead with linda ikeji falsifications. Great! you called her out and she responded if she is brave enough let her stand and defend or clear the content theft accusations leveled against her. This is coming from my own desk that linda ikeji has jeopardize the concept of blogging in Nigeria and she is not eligible to habour those traffic she acquired through hypes not to talk of stealing and cloning contents without credits. you have brought her ass down but I must acknowledge your humble self for keeping quite to allow justice to render it self, because if you acted earlier people reactions wont be supportive but now you have the crowd you have to push more harder to take her down, I heartly believe here enemies can't wait to throw her off, indeed she has failed flat. I vowed to support your moves to take linda ikeji and her blog down immediately.
lgboanugo Chukwunonso
Ads4nairablog Publisher

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