do you believe in ghost or evil spirits? have you had a personal experience with any?

Chimaobi Udeson
St. Augustine Pri/Nur School Umunze....Has my story
After school, we were 7 pupils...Myself, 2 brothers and My Sister...a neighbor and His siblings....We went to collect "ube okpoko".... We usually go there with the Archdeacon's son,but he wasn't chanced that day. It's actually a Burial ground. Whenever we go with him, on the entrance He would say som things and Make so funny moves, then we would go in...but that day none of us did that "trick of his".....While we were busy picking the pears...behold in the presence of everyone, 3 people appeared, dressed in sparkling white, advancing towards us with high speed....I am sure, their legs were not touching the ground....Whether they are male or female I can't explain because by the time I shouted, my leg has started working without braking. We disappeared from the scene immediately and when we came to school the next day and told that boy what happened, he stopped talking to me and threatened to tell the father that we went to disturb the people resting...He never spoke to me again throughout our Primary school days...Ghost exists

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